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Featured Member – Eric White

Eric WhiteInspiration can be hard to find when searching for it. Oftentimes, the spark of inspiration is ignited at random moments when you least expect it. This happened with zWORKer Eric White as he pulled into work in April of 2015.

Eric was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana located south of Indianapolis, just east of Bloomington. Eric attended Indiana University in Bloomington where he graduated in 1992 with a degree in Computer Science. He moved up to Indianapolis post graduation to begin his career in Enterprise Software Development.

Living in a carriage house at 44th and Meridian, Eric would meet his wife, who at the time, lived in the main house from which he rented. Working in developing Enterprise Software, he worked with both trucking and train transportation companies, developing and improving their software for the managers and drivers of the companies.

As his career progressed, Eric recognized that his skills in relationship building and project management complimented his deep understanding of Software Development. Pivoting his career path, Eric started working in the Project Management side of Enterprise Software Development. He helped ensure the ROI of the customer coupled with making sure the operation of the software was understood and implemented.

Eric worked in Enterprise Software Development for 20 years before listening to a podcast called The Critical Path with host Horace Dediu, which inspired him to start his work with Revealed.

The inspiring episode focused on the Jobs to be Done theory pioneered by the show’s guest, Bob Moesta. Bob takes the host through an interview focused on a recent car purchase Horace has made. This interview goes deep into the theory of this particular interview technique and how it helped explain key moments in the purchasing decision process.

Wanting to learn and understand more about this process, Eric started doing research and eventually found his current business partner, Allen Klement on Twitter. Allen was writing a book titled When Coffee and Kale Compete, which focuses directly on the Jobs to be Done theory.

This work inspired Eric to want to understand the main question being asked in The Critical Path and When Coffee and Kale Compete: why? Why do consumers make the decisions they do? Why are consumers going to behave differently?

Eric would spend weeks flying between New York and Indianapolis to work with Allen on learning and understanding the Jobs to be Done Theory. As they worked, they became good friends and with the launch of Allen’s book, opportunities started to arise.

Their first client, Pipedrive CRM started working with Revealed and over the years has continued to use its services to understand their buyer. Eric found a moment of realization on how impactful the work of Revealed had been for Pipedrive, when the founder of the company attributed much of its success to the work Revealed had done for them.

Seeing the full impact of their research, Eric and Allen have continued their work with Revealed and have been able to help technology companies use their customer research to solve their complicated growth problems. They have had the opportunity to grow their operations in the US as well as Europe, spending an 80 hour week working with a company based in Paris to develop a new product. Revealed has partners in Berlin and Lisbon and continues to grow.

As Revealed moves on into 2021, it focuses on its continued success in what it knows as well as growing its services. Revealed has begun focusing on using data and research to predict market trends. With a new book due to come out focused on the topic, the company is excited for what the future holds.

Getting to know Eric on a more personal level…

  • Eric is the president of his Homeowners Association and loves the job. If he could make his living doing it he would.
  • As a result of being president of the homeowners association, he is involved in state politics. Recently he has been helping with the legislative problems arising from the new 5G rollout.

Featured Member – Lance Schwab

Lance SchwabOne of the aspects that truly makes zWORKS unique is the variety in its memberships. As we highlighted in our last Featured Member blog post, there is a wide range in zWORKers from e-learners to entrepreneurs. zWORKer Lance Schwab is no different in that his journey and profession is as unique as the next zWORKer.

Lance was born and raised in Indiana, growing up in the small town of Remington. Staying relatively close to home, Lance attended Purdue University. During his time as a Boilermaker, he studied business and upon graduation, moved to Indianapolis to start his career working in finance for Owens Illinois, a glass bottle manufacturing company.

During his time with OI, Lance wore many hats including managing the factory operations, earning his Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. He eventually moved onto Element Three where he joined a small team of six in a Finance role. Looking back on his journey, Lance identifies this chapter of his career as where he really “cut his teeth” in growing a business. He worked with the team on everything from marketing strategy to operations and account management. Eventually, he helped the company grow to over 40 employees by the end of his time with them.

Lance used that experience and his passion for helping young companies grow into sustainable businesses when he joined Tegra, a family business started with his father. Tegra’s inspiration begins when Lance’s father was in the Ukraine with their church doing work with local orphanages. Driving around the country, he had the opportunity to see the vast farmland, and as an experienced farmer, recognized that the technology and farming methods were out of date compared to the current US farming practices.

Over the following six months, Lance and his father took this observation, conceptualized the business plan, and started working to get boots on the ground. In the early days, they worked to overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and a significant learning curve. Operating largely in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe this journey has been challenging and difficult, but very rewarding. Lance and his father have built Tegra from the ground up over the last seven or eight years.

Tegra now works with its team to provide Irrigation, BioStimulants, Biologicals, and other farming solutions for the region’s farmers. The team working for Tegra today is the same team put together seven years ago at the inception of the company. Despite the difficulties of the past year, Tegra’s team has maintained high morale and its experience has allowed the team to adapt with the complexity of 2020.

Prior to the pandemic, Lance would travel to the Ukraine half a dozen times a year, spending about four months of the year in the country. Every spring his family joins him for a one month trip. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Lance has not traveled to the country in over a year, but hopes things will change sometime in the near future.

Lance and the Tegra team are headed into 2021 optimistic and motivated. Rounding out 2020, the team was able to complete a major project exporting Alfalfa Hay directly to dairy farmers in the Middle East. With the expectation to continue their regular pace of 1-3 major projects a year, the Tegra team is hitting the ground running in 2021.

You can learn more about Tegra by visiting their website.

Getting to know Lance on a more personal level…

  • The whole Schwab family goes to the Ukraine for a month every Spring.
  • His two month old has a passport.
  • Ukranian Customs agents are inclined to let you through security quicker when your family is with you.

Featured Member – Andrew Ratz

Andrew RatzFor everyone, this past year required some level of flexibility to continue to move forward in today’s world. These changes came all around and in many ways as daily routines changed, businesses changed, and we all became zoom experts.

As zWORKS heads into 2021, one thing we will continue to focus on is the health and safety of our members. 2020 brought a new kind of zWORKer: the e-learner. As schools and universities continue with online classes and virtually meeting, zWORKS found members whose focus are on their studies rather than their business.

Andrew Ratz is a Freshman at Loyola University Chicago where he studies Biochemistry with the hope to attend medical school postgrad. As a Zionsville native, Andrew attended Zionsville High School while playing soccer for the Indiana Fire Developmental Academy. Andrew is the youngest with three older sisters, one currently in medical school, one in dental school, and the third attends Butler University also studying Biochemistry. The example set by his older siblings as well as his father, who has a PhD in Organic Chemistry, helped Andrew decide that he wanted to pursue this path toward medical school.

As he searched for his dream school, his initial focus was influenced by soccer, wanting to play at the collegiate level while reaching his academic goals. Eventually he landed on Loyola, which he first visited for a soccer camp in high school.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, Andrew never made it to campus for his Fall semester as all courses were shifted to online. Working on his studies at home proved to be difficult. Distractions got in the way and eventually Andrew’s mother signed him and his sister up with memberships to zWORKS.

zWORKS was able to provide a quiet study space needed to focus on the academic workload that comes along with online learning. Much of the semester was spent teaching himself from the textbook, which can be difficult at times with science-based material. The ability to work in a conference room and use the whiteboard to help visualize his work greatly benefited Andrew as he worked through the semester.

Besides the quiet study space, Andrew was able to spend more time in downtown Zionsville and experience the entrepreneurial spirit that is present in zWORKS.

When he is able to return to campus, Andrew will be rooming with his friend and fellow Zionsville High School alum. When exactly that will be is still undetermined, but Andrew is hoping it will come in the Spring semester.

Getting to know Andrew on a more personal level…

  • Enjoys playing video games with his friends in his free time.
  • His full name is Andrew Michael Ratz, Jr. and his contact prescription is often confused with his Dads.
  • Andrew loves IU Basketball.

Featured Member – Matt Philips

Matt PhilipsHave you struggled with creating your ideal home experience? Creating an environment in your home that you love can be challenging.  Finding the right combination of furniture and technology is a difficult task when you go at it alone. Oftentimes the furniture you find isn’t what you expect and does not match the way you pictured it.

When Matt Philips founded Parker Gwen, this is the problem he sought to solve. He wanted to provide an online shopping experience for his customers that was like nothing else. As families seek to create an experience in their home that will last, Parker Gwen is there to help guide them through it by assisting the shopper in picking out the best quality furniture and technology for the space.

Matt’s background in retail runs deep beginning over 20 years ago in Crown Point, Indiana, working in retail in high school. Matt attended the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University where he studied Retail and Marketing. Following his graduation from IU, Matt started his career in Minnesota with Best Buy. Matt was with the company for nine years before taking a role with Groupon.

Working for Groupon in its early years, he had the opportunity to grow an entire division of the company from scratch. Matt helped launch Groupon Goods, growing the division from nothing to a $400 million operation in four years. This experience of creating and growing a whole division of a business sparked his initial desire to seriously consider launching his own retail operation.

Following his time with Groupon, Matt joined the Senior Management team at HH Gregg. For this position, Matt and his family returned to Indiana and moved to Zionsville about four years ago. While working for HH Gregg, Matt’s desire to create something new remained and he felt more prepared than ever to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Matt prepared himself for a career shift and started his journey in creating Parker Gwen.

Parker Gwen strives to help their clients personalize their shopping experience. When describing the retail experience that is most common in the market, Matt identifies the clutter of options that the shopper is confronted with. Many of these options are low quality and simply not what you want when building a lasting home experience. There are endless filters found on sites like Amazon and Wayfair, but Parker Gwen offers personalization and the quality of product that the consumer desires. Parker Gwen helps customers build the experience in their home that they want and their Customer Support Advocates make sure that happens. These experts are here to help consumers identify the right products for their needs and ensure everything from pillow textures to cabinet colors match.

As a young brand, Parker Gwen has been able to build its trust with customers through consistent delivery of high quality products and support. Taking out the complexity that can come with retail shopping and directly addressing these issues with the consumer allows for a stress free process when working with the Parker Gwen team.

Getting to know Matt on a more personal level…

  • Matt has been to Las Vegas over 20 times, but always for business.
  • He has been to Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.
  • Matt has two kids named Parker and Gwen.
  • Matt enjoys cooking and hosting. He has won several burger cooking competitions.

Featured Member – Paul McCoy

Paul McCoy

Being a good coach in any aspect is a difficult thing to do. It requires several qualities that many people lack and can be hard to develop. Oftentimes the best coaches are those who are the most passionate about the subject matter and understand the point of view of those they are coaching.

Originally from the city of York, in the United Kingdom, Paul started his professional career with Rolls-Royce as a Mechanical Engineer. He worked full time for ten years in the UK, earning a MBA along the way. Having always wanted to work abroad, Paul was able to transfer to  to the United States where he has lived and worked for the past 21 years.

Paul first moved to Indiana, and then transferred to Virginia, where he helped Rolls-Royce open a new factory. One aspect of this project was outreach in the local community. Paul became involved with the local Chamber of Commerce and within ten months, was elected as the President of the Chamber of Commerce.

As the chamber was facing significant financial trouble, Paul had to work hard to lead them on the path of growth and sustainability. This project was a pivotal point for Paul and would prove to be influential for him down the road when transitioning his career to business coaching.

That first experience in leading a group dedicated to local small businesses and coaching them to improve was one that stuck with Paul as he continued his career with Rolls-Royce. Ultimately, Paul and his family would move to Indianapolis.

After some time working for Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis, Paul decided to take his career in a new direction and pursue business coaching. Paul has a coaching background in sports as a Zionsville High School Rugby Coach for the last eight years. Along with that, he played rugby his whole life, traveling internationally to compete. Leveraging some of the skills gained from experience with competitive sports and combining that with his professional knowledge and experience has allowed him to build and grow his professional coaching career.

As a coach, Paul plays a number of different roles when working with a business. He helps CEOs make decisions they may be struggling with by providing an outside perspective. This outside perspective also allows him to help streamline workflows for his client, improving efficiency and lowering costs.

As an engineering minded individual, Paul has found some of his most successful projects come from businesses with like minded dispositions. Working with many different engineering businesses dentists, financial institutions, CPAs, bankers, and an assortment of other professional businesses. One particular successful project came with a chiropractic business. With Paul’s coaching, he helped one associate increase their number of clients per week from 65 to an average of 122. Their peak week during this time reached 225.

Now, as a coach under Tidal Coaching, Paul is focused on delivering for his clients what “TIDAL” stands for. Talent, Integrity, Diagnostics, Achievability, and Leverage.

Get to know Paul on a more personal level…

  • Paul and his family love the outdoors and often go hiking, cycling or kayaking.
  • Paul loves to travel and when he can he tries to travel back to the UK to see his parents as often as possible.
  • Paul loves to try new things and has recently tried archery for the first time.
  • Paul played rugby in Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia, playing internationally with his Rugby club.

Featured Member – Jeff Wishek

Jeff WishekEntrepreneurship can be a long and bumpy journey, filled with highs and lows, consistency and inconsistency. Experience, perseverance, and support are major factors in navigating this field and ultimately essential to seeing success. Jeff Wishek has all of these factors behind him and has been building his career over the last twenty years, setting himself up for success in his newest endeavor as Midas franchisee.

Growing up in California, Jeff entered the workforce in a quality control role for MTC Laboratories then moving to Air Industries Company, which manufactured metal and aerospace products. From here, along with a number of management certifications, Jeff grew his career to include several other quality control positions. Ultimately, Jeff took on a position working for a company named Alfa Leisure which produced motorhomes.

In 2002, Jeff left the company to join his father in starting their own trailer manufacturing business where he would gain his first experience in starting and running a business. Jeff worked with his father manufacturing trailers until about 2007 when they decided to pivot the business to e-commerce, selling trailer parts on ebay. During this time, April, Jeff’s wife made a career change from teaching and joined the business. As time went on, Jeff and April took the experience they had gained in e-commerce and pursued an opportunity in the Indianapolis area so they could be closer to family.

In 2012, Jeff and April launched IndeCorp, LLC. They have successfully run their e-commerce business for the last eight years and continue to do so, operating as a third party seller on all online marketplaces as well as their own site. After some time Jeff and April found they wanted to shift gears from IndeCorp and start something new. They wanted to distance themselves from the heavy influence which Amazon holds over the e-commerce industry.

Looking for the next venture, Jeff researched a broad scope of opportunities, casting a wide net to determine what fit their needs. Ultimately, they wanted something that fit the strengths Jeff has in process implementation and efficiency.

Landing on Midas, April took over the management of IndeCorp, as Jeff launched the team’s newest venture as franchisee with Midas. Touch of Gold, LLC currently has four Midas locations throughout Indiana, employing over 20 people. With the goal of having eight to ten locations by the end of next year. Touch of Gold, LLC is growing fast.

It was not as smooth as it may seem when Jeff and April started down this path in 2018. To learn the business and understand its intricacies, Jeff spent ten months on location, working five to six days a week away from his family, at their first Midas location in Valparaiso, Indiana. His goal was to deeply understand the business model so they could successfully replicate it over and over again all over Indiana.

Jeff and April are members of the community and live in Whitestown, Indiana with their children, a thirteen year old son and ten year old daughter. With their ultimate goal of creating jobs and providing high quality customer service to the community, Jeff hopes to headquarter Touch of Gold, LLC in Boone County.

Get to know Jeff on a more personal level…

  • Jeff and his family love to travel and will often take camping trips.
  • His family has traveled to see Niagara Falls and Yellowstone, camping along the way.
  • Jeff and April love to spend time with their kids and take advantage of as much time as they can.

Featured Member: Andy Morrison

Andy MorrisonTake 5 Oil Change provides a contactless, stay in your car oil change with an emphasis on customer service. In a time where contactless services are on the rise, Take 5 has continued to focus its efforts on quality oil changes and car services while maintaining its quick and customer focused mentality.

Andy Morrison and his cousin/business partner Elliott Smith have started on the path of opening new Take 5 Oil Change franchises in the Central Indiana region. Andy and Elliott have opened up four locations beginning in early march, with their fifth location scheduled to be open in late July. As franchisees, they are working to grow the Take 5 brand and operation all over Indiana and bring its company culture, customer service, and quality oil changes across the state.

zWORKS had the opportunity to speak with Andy about Take 5 and learn a little about his background and the motivations that led him down this exciting path.

Growing up in Elkhart Indiana, Andy was around small business owners his entire life. When he was young, his grandfather started a small business in mobile home real estate which would turn into a family business that continued to grow over the years.

This early influence in small business imprinted on Andy, ultimately influencing him to transition his career and seek out his current venture with Take 5.

Andy attended Depauw University where he was a member of the soccer team and majored in Economics. Growing up around a family owned and operated business, Andy was naturally drawn to the business world from the start.

Following his graduation from Depauw, Andy started his career for Eli Lilly and Company where he worked as a Financial Analyst and Sr. Financial Analyst for close to three years.

When asked what made him decide to seek out a career change, Andy spoke about the early influence his grandfather’s family business had on him. This desire to follow his grandfather’s path coupled with seeking further fulfillment in his career led Andy and his partner to seek business opportunities.

Working in such a large company prepared Andy for what may lieahead. He felt that the business skills he had developed compliments his partner well and together they felt great confidence in pursuing this path. Seeing his family members pursue their business interests and succeeding gave them confidence to do the same.

As the search started, it was focused on manufacturing, distribution, or service opportunities. Originally, there was no interest in pursuing retail or franchising options. Coming across an advertisement for Take 5 Oil Change on BizBuySell, Andy decided to look deeper into the company and what it had to offer. As the due diligence process went on, Andy recognized the opportunity with Take 5 Oil Change and began the process of becoming a franchisee.

With a focus on company culture and customer service, Andy and his cousin were able to open the first and only franchisee in Indiana. There are over 500 Take 5 Oil locations nationwide. That success has led to opening more locations in the area.

Andy lives in Zionsville with his family and was in need of office space. Living in Zionsville, Andy was familiar with zWORKS and decided it was a great fit for him and matched the flexibility he needed.

Getting to know Andy on a more personal level…

  • Andy’s son loves the driving range and is only 2 1⁄2 years old.
  • In college Andy climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Featured Member – Katie Reasoner

Katie Reasoner - Chief Development Officer of The Boys & Girls Club of Boone CountyThe Zionsville community is fortunate enough to have an abundance of residents dedicated to improving their community and its surrounding communities. One organization that is a leader in providing resources for the youth of Boone County is The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County.

The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County was created in 2018 with the merger of the Lebanon Area Boys & Girls Club and the Boys & Girls Club of Zionsville. Their mission is to enable the youth of Boone County, especially those that need them most, to develop the skills, fitness, and character they need to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

Katie Reasoner joined the team at The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County in July of 2018, handling fundraising, sponsorship, special events, marketing and community relations. Now operating as the Chief Development Officer, Katie continues her efforts to aid in the further development of The Boys & Girls Club.

As a native of Lebanon and an alumni of The Boys & Girls Club, Katie wanted to find a way to deepen her involvement in her community. When Katie and her family moved back to the Zionsville area five years ago, she took on a role with the Zionsville Education Foundation. When the opportunity arose to join the program she was so involved with during her childhood, she took advantage of it.

In a typical summer The Boys & Girls Club offers camps and sports for the youth of the community to join. Everything from T-ball to Karate along with a number of camps. Before and after school programs are available during the school year. There are before care programs at the Lebanon and Whitestown units as well as after school programs at all three units in Lebanon, Whitestown, and Zionsville.

As most things, this school year looks a little different. The Boys & Girls Club is taking measures to ensure the safety of its members and staff. Members are assigned specific groups, with the same leader each day to limit the contact between Boys & Girls Club members. They also  instituted a Remote Learning Initiative, a new program for families as middle and high school students go through their hybrid learning schedule.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in March of this year, The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County served 450 members daily and had a total of 3,000 members. Providing meals and transportation for many members, to and from school.

The shut down in March posed a significant problem for the members reliant on meals from The Boys & Girls Club. In an effort to address this problem and serve as a leader in the non-profit community, the Boys & Girls Club established a drive through Emergency Meal program which served a total of 18,867 meals to those in need in the community. During the month of July, an additional 2,473 meals were served to the community.

When asked about the mission of The Boys & Girls Club, Katie talked about being there for the kids in the community and helping them see academic success, live healthy lifestyles, and act as responsible citizens. Through the initiatives of The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County, youth in the community are given the opportunity to develop skills and traits that will aid them in the years to come.

If you are interested in getting involved with The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County or want to learn about their upcoming events or programs you can visit their website to learn more!

Get to know Katie on a more personal level…

  • Katie had the opportunity to work for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta
  • Katie and her husband Tim have three teenage boys.

Featured Member: Rae Hostetler

Rae HostetlerWhat does public relations mean to you? Many people hear PR and jump to the assumption that public relations is simply working with the press and media. In reality that is one small aspect of the large field that is public relations.

Public relations has many aspects but the main focus is how you communicate with your publics, including your employees and externally to many audiences. Both disciplines require a number of different approaches and a strategic plan with an end goal in mind.

As Owner & President of Hostetler Public Relations, Rae Hostetler works with her clients to identify and set those goals and outline a strategy to reach them. Hostetler Public Relations works with its clients over a period of time, establishing long term relationships. Together, working to identify their pain points and business objectives then implementing an execution plan plan to reach their end goals.

Graduating from IU with her BA in Journalism, Rae started her career in radio and television news in South Bend, Indiana. Eventually moving to Indianapolis, Rae continued her work in television news working for Fox 59. At that point, she made her transition to public relations in order to have more work life balance first working for Newfields (then known as the Indianapolis Museum of Art) in the PR department. Eventually, she moved to a position as Public Relations Manager for Resort Condominiums International.

Following her time with Resort Condominiums International, Rae started working as what was then known as a public relations freelancer and formed Hostetler Public Relations in 2000. For the last two decades, Rae has worked as what’s now referred to as an independent public relations practitioner. Clients include mid-sized to large businesses and nonprofits. Each client has a custom public relations strategy with focused goals. And Rae and her team strive to establish long-lasting relationships, to help business owners and leaders improve their communication and reach those business goals.

Each of her clients faces different challenges communicating internally and externally and both  require different approaches. Oftentimes, problems arise when communicating internally with employees. These issues are two-fold: from the side of the employer as well as the side of the employee.

Beginning in 2013, Rae worked with the Rolls-Royce factory location in Indianapolis for 5 years on internal communication surrounding cultural change in the company. She supported the corporation in their communication efforts related to culture change in the Indianapolis factories to help the local team earn a new $500 million dollar investment for the local facilities.

More recently, Rae has worked with and supported the Stutz Artistic Association in their efforts to engage the central Indiana community through opportunities that support local art and artists. One event the Association hosts annually is an open house where members are able to display their work and support local art.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Rae worked with the Stutz artists to move their annual open house online. Vignettes for artists were created and shared across the Stutz Artists Association’s social media channels in April during the height of the recent quarantine. Daily artist features gave a link for artists to be directly contacted to support their sales efforts.

These are just a few examples of when Rae has successfully worked with her clients to reach their goal. Each time, strategically planning out their internal or external communication and aligning it with their business goals.

Getting to know Rae on a more personal level…

  • Rae has two sons, one will be a senior at Zionsville Community High School and the other will be a junior at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
  • Both of Rae’s children are engineering-minded students. Her younger son plans to study Biomedical Engineering and her oldest son is currently studying Mechanical Engineering.
  • Rae loves to travel, has taken 20 cruises and has enjoyed recent trips to Europe including Ireland last summer.
  • Rae enjoys a glass of red wine with family and friends at the end of a long work week. She and her husband Bruce can often be found frequenting Zionsville restaurants on the weekends.

Featured Member: Amanda Rubeck

Amanda RubeckOther than aiming to support the local Zionville economy, one of the main goals that zWORKS strives for as a coworking space is to be a continued source of support and information for its members. When the opportunity came for zWORKS to partner with STAR Financial Bank, the decision to move forward together was an easy one. As a family-owned Indiana institution for over 70 years, STAR Bank is dedicated to helping support the communities its branches operate in.

As a VP and Senior Retail Sales Officer, Amanda Rubeck has played a significant role in building the teams that operate within these communities. Amanda is responsible for overseeing 10 branches in the Indianapolis area. She works closely with each Branch Manager to develop its team and help drive high employee engagement and team morale.

Amanda started in the banking industry when she was attending IUPUI. During college, she worked as a part-time Bank Teller to earn extra money while in school. This part-time job eventually turned into her 18-year career, during which she has worked for a number of banks across Indiana.

Following graduation from IUPUI, Amanda accepted a position in Crawfordsville, Indiana working as a Branch Manager for National City Bank which has since been acquired by PNC. During her two years with National City Bank, Amanda carried both a Series 6 and Series 63 license, which allows her to engage in securities transactions both on the federal and state level. Following her time there, Amanda took a position in Lafayette, Indiana with Fifth Third Bank where she continued to grow in her career.

Amanda worked with Fifth Third Bank for nine years as a Market Leader and Assistant Vice President. This position brought heavy involvement in her local community and made a lasting impression on Amanda. When her family decided to move to Indianapolis, Amanda looked for a new position with a bank that would allow her to connect with the community.

Amanda joined STAR Financial Bank a little over a year and a half ago and feels that she has found her perfect fit. STAR Bank’s core values of honesty and integrity, community leadership, accountability, and respect for all fosters an opportunity for Amanda to build a relationship with the community in which she lives, works, and raises her family.

Likewise, Amanda is committed to these values and is most proud of being an empathetic leader and being there to support her team. Amanda uses her experience in the banking world, aligned with her strengths and values to help turn her teams into highly engaged, accountable, and involved community banks. This is not an easy task, as holding teams accountable can be difficult and cause friction between co-workers. However, through maintaining a vision of the end goal, Amanda is able to point her teams in the right direction.

STAR Bank’s involvement in the community reaches further than its branch locations. They have partnered with Zionsville Community Schools to further support and grow education, arts, and technology in the Zionsville community. One project stemming from this partnership is the new STAR Interactive Teller Machine. The outside design of the machine was created by a Zionsville Community High School student. The ITM allows you to video chat with a live teller in real-time from 7 am to 7 pm. They can help you with any questions you may have regarding your personal or business banking.

As times continue to change and small local businesses begin to reopen, STAR Bank and its employees remain committed to helping support the local community and its small businesses.

Getting to know Amanda on a more personal level…

  • Growing up Amanda’s favorite movie genre was Horror. Her favorite movie of all time is Halloween.
  • Amanda is fascinated by politics, both modern-day and throughout history. She owns a wide collection of political books covering all areas of the political spectrum.
  • Amanda and her husband were married on Leap Day in 2008.
  • Amanda has been bungee jumping and loved it!