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Featured Member: Brian Stuerzenberger

Brian StuerzenbergerMany people enter the workforce unsure as to what they are looking for in a career. Oftentimes it is thought to be one thing, which turns out not to be the proper fit. It can take years of bouncing from position to position and company to company to find a path you feel is both fulfilling and rewarding. However, this is not always the case and for a number of people, they find that perfect fit early in their search and stick with it.

zWORKer Brian Stuerzenberger graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. As he was searching for his first position in the workforce there were two things that he wanted: to constantly be learning and not be locked in a cubicle setting. What he found in his career with NEFF is exactly that. A constant challenge to continue to learn, problem-solve, and grow with his company.

NEFF Industrial Automation specializes in providing automation products and solutions to manufacturers all over the midwest. For the last fifteen years, Brian has worked with NEFF, starting as an Account Manager after graduating from Purdue to now leading a team as a Sales Team Leader.

Brian is a Hoosier born and raised. He grew up outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana and he eventually found himself at Purdue University pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Describing his college experience, Brian said he was a “well rounded” student. Aside from focusing on his academics, he participated in campus life playing intramural sports with friends and enjoying the town of West Lafayette.

Brian met his wife at Purdue and upon graduation, he accepted his first job with NEFF which has turned into his fifteen-year career. Brian has deep gratitude and appreciation for his company and his position as it has allowed him to grow his career and satisfy his constant curiosity and desire to learn.

Eventually, the opportunity to move to Indianapolis presented itself to Brian and his wife and they spent the next 10 years in the circle city. This is one of the benefits Brian has seen with NEFF. As the geography and economies have changed over the years, Brian has had the opportunity to grow with the company and move to new places in the Hoosier state.

After 10 years in Indianapolis, where Brian and his wife started their family with three kids, they made the move to Zionsville.

Following their move to Zionsville two years ago, Brian has been able to continue his path with NEFF, now in a leadership position. Brian takes his years of experience with NEFF and coaches his team by providing advice and guidance as they pursue key business opportunities.

Brian is responsible for motivating his team to reach their full potential. This is a new challenge and opportunity that Brian is taking on in an uncertain time. One aspect that NEFF searches for in an employee is the ability to solve problems. It’s a company of competitive problem solvers and Brian is using this mentality to lead through this time.

Getting to know Brian on a more personal level…

  • As a family with three young kids, the life in the Stuerzenberger household revolves around them.
  • Brian and his family love the outdoors and take advantage of it as much as possible. Many weekends are spent at Eagle Creek hiking and canoeing.
  • Brian’s 2 boys play baseball in the local community, and his youngest girl thinks she will one-day become a Disney Princess!

Featured Member: Shawna Lake

Shawna LakeWhen Shawna Lake started Deep End Talent Strategies this past January she set out with the mission to support small businesses, startups, and nonprofits with their Human Resource operations. As the world continues to socially distance, Deep End Talent Strategies adapts to support its clients in a number of areas. Deep End specializes in HR operations ranging from administrative tasks to strategy, recruiting, and employee development.

After graduating from Ball State with undergraduate degrees in Management and Communication, Shawna began her career in Human Resources with a logistics company in Indianapolis. She specialized in training and recruiting r before she took another opportunity with an advertising agency.

Wanting to avoid being cornered to just one aspect of Human Resources, Shawna operated as a truegeneralist for six years with the company, overseeing all aspects of HR. During that time she was a part of several mergers and acquisitions, including in her personal life. She married her husband Chris whom she met in college and the couple started a family. Following this chapter, Shawna and her family moved to Zionsville and she began working in the nonprofit sector where she worked for the next 13 years of her career.

During this time she worked with the Indianapolis Zoo, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and MISO Energy. With each, she managed a number of large Human Resource operations. These ranged from creating and implementing onboarding and recruiting procedures to managing teams across a number of states with MISO Energy.

These experiences further enforced what she already believed to be true of HR, “Human Resources is a business partner for the company’s leadership and owners.” This sentiment is what drove Shawna to start Deep End Talent Strategies.

Human Resources requires a lot of attention and has a significant impact on a business. For small businesses and startups, many may not have the time, knowledge, or understanding to ensure their Human Resource operations are supporting their company and not hindering it. Deep End Talent Strategies (DETS) operates as an “Outsourced HR Director.”

Shawna assists her clients in understanding what HR operations they need to implement and how it needs to be enacted to ensure success. Oftentimes, employee employer relationship management can be difficult in small businesses and startups.

Understanding how to properly manage those situations is essential in growing a small business. DETS is able to assist its clients in the strategic thinking that needs to go into meeting your business needs.

When Shawna started DETS last January, like the rest of us, she did not predict the situation the world would be facing now. As she has adapted, she has been able to continue to support her clients in their strategic business planning and daily HR activities. DETS has also been a resource, providing guidance for its clients and other small businesses on how to handle employee relations during this time as well as assisting its clients in understanding and managing HR aspects of the Payment Protection Program and FFCRA (Families First Coronovirus Response Act)..

DETS offers a number of resources on its website, providing guidance and advice for small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Getting to know Shawna on a more personal level…

  • After a June trip, Shawna will have been to 49 states in the US and 5 Provinces in Canada. By the time she is 50 she wants to have visited all 50 states and all 10 Canadian provinces.
  • Shawna comes from a large family. She grew up with 5 brothers and 2 sisters.
  • Shawna’s family is a soccer family with her two children being on as many as five soccer teams between them at certain times of the year.

Featured Member: Bryan McCart

Bryan McCartThe amazing thing about being in the zWORKS community is that you get to meet so many amazing zWORKers and no two zWORKers are the same. Some are small business owners, others work with local nonprofits, several are entrepreneurs and investors, and many are remote workers. The benefits of being a remote worker is the opportunity to be a part of the community that is a coworking space like zWORKS.

Bryan McCart is a zWORKer who has been a part of our community at zWORKS for the past two years since moving back to his home state of Indiana with his family. Bryan is a User Experience Architect Manager with Accenture and has been working with the company for fourteen years.

When Bryan started with Accenture, he worked in an office in the west Chicago suburb of St. Charles. Bryan has always been involved with the Human Resources side of Accenture’s operations. He continuously tries to advocate for his fellow employees and help create the company culture and structure that has kept him and others around for the past decade.

Accenture is a global company with 485,000 employees world wide. As a User Experience Architect Manager, Bryan gets to work with fellow colleagues across the globe to make sure his team is answering the right questions for their clients. The main question being “How can we help you?”

An Experience Architect ensures that their clients’ business needs are understood and the right technology or service is provided to help solve their problems. Some of these needs may include business strategy, technology consulting, or process outsourcing.

Other aspects of Bryan’s role involves working directly with the 5,500 Human Resource representatives Accenture has around the world. His goal is to make sure the partnerships and projects that have been implemented are always “anchored in the voice of employees.”

This can be challenging at times with a large company. With so many stakeholders, it is essential to advocate on behalf of the employees. With constant improvements and differing methodologies, Bryan helps make sure the focus of Human Centered Design Methodologies is not lost.

Some of Bryans favorite aspects of his work is getting to see the impact of a new project on the organization worldwide. A project he was particularly proud of was the building of a new Accenture learning center in Bangalore, India. He helped lay out and plan the entire learning experience, starting with mapping out the physical space and implementing the technology solutions to facilitate the center’s operations. During this project he was able to fly to India to meet and work directly with those who will be working at the center.

When Bryan had the opportunity to move back to his home state of Indiana, he jumped on it. With a two and four year old, Bryan and his wife wanted to raise their family in Indianapolis. Now living in Whitestown for a little over two years, Bryan works from zWORKS and is able to work from home when needed.

Getting to know Bryan on a more personal level…

  • Bryan and his wife met at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.
  • Both Bryan and his wife are on the wall of Ivanhoes Ice Cream shop in Upland, Indiana. They are in the Ice Cream shops 100 club where you have all 100 varieties of shakes or sundaes.

Featured Member: Allyson Gutwein

Allyson GutweinThe mission of the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce is to, “Make Zionsville an economic leader in central Indiana and to enhance our members’ success through advocacy, member benefits, and services.” Over the years the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce has been there to provide resources, advice, and support to its members and small businesses throughout Zionsville.

The Chamber helps organize and execute a number of events throughout the year, allowing for sponsorship opportunities, networking, and access to business opportunities which otherwise may not be possible. The Chamber continues to be a driving force in the Zionsville economy.

The leader of this force is Executive Director, Allyson Gutwein, who is able to push the chamber forward, with the support of the board of directors and many Zionsville community members and businesses, into the next chapter of economic development and growth.

Allyson is an Indiana University Alumna from Springfield, Missouri. Although she grew up in Missouri, she spent her summers in Jonestown, Indiana, on her family’s seventh generation farm. After earning her degree from IU, Allyson immediately entered the world of small business and entrepreneurship. For the first three years following her time at IU she ran a home decor and garden center in Lebanon.

Eventually, Allyson found herself in Zionsville, working as the Store Manager for Midwest Jewelers. She found herself immersed in the Zionsville economy, getting to know and build relationships with the many faces and businesses that play a number of roles in the town.

When the position for Executive Director of The Zionsville Chamber of Commerce became available, Allyson applied for the job with great confidence from her years of experience working with small business owners. She understands what it takes to run a successful small business and the many hats that owners must wear.

Her passion for small business and continued development of Zionsville helped her make her transition into the current position she holds now with the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce. When asked about her favorite aspects of her role with the Zionsville Chamber, Allyson talked about the passion that small business owners have and her love of being able to help these business owners move forward to reach their goals.

Allyson and the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce have continued to provide the town’s businesses with resources and support in order to help them thrive. Prior to the Pandemic the world currently finds itself in, the chamber organized a monthly Business Breakfast series for members to discuss business and hear from subject matter experts on a variety of topics. The Chamber also began hosting Microgroup meetings to talk specifically with business owners in the community in similar industries, sharing the same struggles, and striving for similar goals. On the horizon is a Zionsville Chamber of Commerce blog and podcast. The chamber wants to further its reach and accessibility of resources.

Currently, as the world pushes through this current situation, the Zionsville Chamber of commerce is communicating its resources available for members on its Business Assistance page. You can find everything from US Small Business Administration Disaster Loan applications to special offerings from other members trying to help provide assistance during this time.

Getting to know Allyson on a more personal level…

  • Allyson used to rescue and rehabilitate Great Danes. She currently has a boxer named “Gorgeous George.”
  • Allyson loves all things science and attended space camp five times.
  • Allyson loves volunteering with the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce members and donates two hours of her time every week working for them.

Featured Member: Daniel Fuller

Daniel FullerEvery zWORKER has a unique career path, but they all share a common trait: they are deeply passionate about what they do. Daniel Fuller – who is the focus of this latest feature story – is no different.

Daniel grew up near Buffalo, New York, and later moved to Indianapolis in 2006. He started his career in the nonprofit world after graduating from college, and was eager to continue helping others when he came to Indy. Upon moving, he worked with several nonprofit organizations, including Shepherd Community Center, where he served as Director of Staff Development.

As a leader, Daniel was no stranger to the challenges of high-pressure situations. Over time, he found that by implementing transformational leadership practices, such as self-awareness and self-care, he was able to successfully navigate stress. Because of his innate passion for helping others, he became eager to share this insight with other leaders he encountered. Thus, after a few years with Shepherd Community Center, Daniel leveraged his decade-long leadership experience to create his own organization called Sycamore Way. This coaching and consulting company focused on helping leaders, teams, and organizations on their transformational journey. He provided guidance on talent retention, conflict resolution, and leadership growth.

Currently, Daniel serves as the VP of Business Development for FullStack, a company that provides its clients with a variety of HR offerings, including payroll, benefits, compliance, onboarding, employee health and wellness, and professional development. FullStack specializes in startups – specifically tech and professional services- so Daniel works closely with small businesses to grow, scale, and thrive. He helps them seamlessly move from the early startup stage to mature growth. With personal experience in starting a business and guiding others to achieve their goals, Daniel brings a unique and valuable perspective to the company.

When we asked Daniel his favorite aspect of working with FullStack, he said he “loves the challenge.” He enjoys learning about new businesses, identifying their needs, and leading them to innovative solutions. As a zWORKS member and frequent visitor to Broad Ripple partner, The Speak Easy, Daniel serves as a resource to members and provides opportunities to help them take their startups to the next level.

As FullStack looks to the future, they hope to expand their footprint in Indiana and the midwest. If you’re interested in learning more about them and the services they offer, please visit their website here.

Getting to know Daniel on a more personal level…

  • Daniel and his wife love gardening. In the spring and summer months, they spend much of their time tending to the various vegetables and native Indiana plants growing in their yard (they’ll soon be adding a chicken coop!). As part of their passion for the outdoors, Daniel and his wife love helping wildlife thrive. They hope to one day turn this passion into a small farming operation on the side.
  • Daniel had the privilege of visiting zWORKS Executive Director, Vickie, and her husband Andy’s, farm for a truckload of sheep poop to fertilize his garden last fall!
  • Daniel is fluent in Spanish, but is rusty and still working to perfect it in high-pressure situations!

By: Carter Baretz

Featured Member: Halle Simpson

Halle SimpsonNot everyone is lucky enough to find their “calling” in life. For zWORKS member Halle Simpson, she described her career as a business life coach as “exactly what she is supposed to be doing.”

Halle has been an independent business coach for the last three years. Her journey as a professional coach started when she teamed up with a friend already working in the field. During this time, Halle attended Coach U, a leading global provider of coach training programs.

The two of them worked together for a year, where Halle learned the ins and outs of the business and further developed her coaching skill set.

Halle’s projected career path did not always include coaching. Similar to most, she found her way to coaching through trial and error and relentless effort. The stops she made along the way all contributed to the professional expertise she is now able to pass on to her clients.

As a Zionsville High School alumnus, Halle attended Indiana University to earn her bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in Business and Psychology. During her time at IU, she sold kitchen cutlery, which is where she began to develop a knack for sales and a strong work ethic. When describing her sales career, she said, “I must have heard ‘no’ 30,000 times.” Having this experience in tackling adversity translates directly to the services she provides with her clients now. Halle helps them see that “no” does not mean the end and to keep moving forward.

Following her graduation from IU, Halle moved to Denver, Colorado, where she worked in the corporate world for a few years. She soon found her way to another sales position, which included an opportunity to recruit, mentor, and coach.

Now as a business coach, these early experiences help Halle provide the best service she can for her clients. She strives to understand their pain points and help them work toward solutions, so that they can meet their greatest potential.

Halle noted that one of the biggest challenges her clients face is feeling “stuck.” She gives them objective advice, helps them assess their options to move forward with their business, and helps them develop the tools and confidence they need to make hard decisions. Through these one on one interactions with clients, Halle has developed a deep appreciation for watching these individuals grow both professionally and personally. She says this is the most rewarding part of her career.

In addition to individual coaching sessions, Halle also offers services for corporate speaking events and staff training seminars. Ultimately, her goal is to help business owners and executives become the best version of themselves.

Halle’s next venture is publishing a journal which is focused on self-awareness and how it is directly related to your success. Look for the release of  ”Know Thyself Journal” in April of 2020.

Getting to know Halle…

  • Halle will attend her 32nd Indy 500 race this May.
  • Her four year old Boston Terrier is named Marco, after the Andretti
  • Halle’s favorite place to travel to is Traverse City, Michigan.

If you are interested in learning more about Halle’s business coaching services, please visit her website here to contact her.

Featured Member: Tony Reyes

Tony Reyes“The internet changed everything,” says Tony Reyes, as he describes his career path and the journey that many have taken in the Amazon Web Services cloud services industry. He goes on to describe how things used to be, when you had to move to California or another big city to work in the tech space. “Today, all you need is a wifi signal,” he says.

As the Director of Sales for Trek 10, Tony is able to raise his family in his home state of Indiana and still work for a premier company in the AWS Professional Services and Managed Services Consulting industry.

Growing up in Frankfort, Indiana, Tony laid the groundwork for his success by corn detasseling, as well as working in a factory where he packaged artificial christmas trees. Because of these early jobs, the influence of the hardworking community he grew up in, and the example his parents set for him, Tony developed the work ethic and values that Hoosiers are known for.

After completing his undergraduate degree from Wabash College, Tony moved to Chicago, where he met his wife and started his family. After 14 years, he accepted a position in IT consulting in Indianapolis. From there, Tony learned about Trek 10 and the advancements they were making in AWS infrastructure consulting. He was determined to join this exciting company.

In his current role with Trek 10, Tony is passionate about using his expertise to help the next generation of tech leaders start their careers, right in Indiana. He wants to help young professionals realize that they don’t need to leave Indiana to work for a competitive company in the industry.

Tony also loves having the opportunity to work with a variety of companies through Trek 10, where he helps develop cutting-edge AWS cloud-based solutions for his clients. Trek10 counts well known Fortune 1000 clients as its customers all the way down to exciting startups vying to be the next well known brand. Tony’s primary objective is to take these businesses to the next level, utilizing the services that Trek 10 offers.

Since starting with Trek 10 as the first Indianapolis-based team member, the Indiana team has grown significantly, with 30 team members in South Bend and seven in Indianapolis. Now, Trek 10 is in the top 1% of service providers of AWS, and is continuing to expand its reach. With team members throughout the midwest and east coast, it is an exciting time to be a part of the organization!

Tony works out of zWORKS, along with a few other Indy-based colleagues, and loves coming into the Zionsville Village to spend his days. zWORKS has been a great way for him to create his own workspace outside the house, and has connected him with wonderful people living and working in the community.

Featured Member: Geneva Taylor

From corporate America to coworking

She used to source parts, now she sources people.

Geneva Taylor was a purchasing executive primarily for both Navistar and Rolls Royce for more than 25 years. In 2016, she started looking for something different and heard about recruiting.

“I did a lot of things I liked to do and I still get to do,” Taylor said. “Throughout my career, I’ve mentored people and helped them with careers. It felt really natural that instead of sourcing parts, I source people.”

Taylor bought an MRI Network franchise and started Tellis Executive Search, named after her maiden name. Tellis provides recruitment and staffing services focused on engineering, manufacturing and supply chain roles along with IT positions.

Featured Member: Matt Fleck

A man of many talents … and voices

Education. Check.

Broadcasting. Check.

Radio. Check.

Add in a dash of urban forestry, and you have a pretty good picture of zWORKS member Matt Fleck.

What started as an urban forestry major at Purdue turned into a radio and broadcast career then morphed into an education career which is where Matt Fleck has remained for the past 25 years.

And even in education, Fleck has been exposed to various aspects from teaching to administration to the Indiana Department of Education.

Featured Member: Rachel Huser

Back to her roots

One zWORKS member returned to her roots in her new position for the Boone EDC, the county economic development corporation.

Rachel Huser is the Economic Development Manager for Boone EDC. She was a Western Boone and St. Mary’s College graduate and has worked in Chicago as a financial analyst for the past few years.

“There is something to be said about big cities and there’s something to be said about Boone County and this is where my heart is,” Huser said.

Her goal was to get more involved with community work and local economic development. As the Economic Development Manager, Huser focuses on small businesses and business retention efforts in the county.

She said her favorite part about Boone County is the uniqueness of each town.