Entrepreneurial Bootcamp kicks off Summer Internship Program

The second annual zWORKS summer internship program officially started today with an eBootcamp focusing on local entrepreneurship. This summer’s interns are both high school and college age and will be working for zWORKS startups like Zio, Try It Tiny and Mix It Out.

They got to hear from a variety of speakers including Mayor Tim Haak, MOBI President Josh Garrett, Apprenace’s Chris Hoyt, zWORKS co-founder Dan Moyers and Jacob Schpok with Elevate Ventures.

Mayor Haak discussed why bringing startups to Zionsville is important. Garrett told the story of how MOBI was founded and what goes into building a startup from nothing. Hoyt talked about how students can make the most of their internships.

“The zWORKS Summer Internship Prgram offers a fabulous opportunity for students to work firsthand with local entrepreneurs,” zWORKS Executive Director Kate Swanson said.

The interns said they were most excited about getting experience and seeing what works with startups as well as learning what to expect from working with a small team.

“Watching these tech startups growing from the ground floor is an incredible learning experience,” Swanson said. “Zionsville is fortunate to have this little hotbed of entrepreneurship in our Village.”