Featured Member: Andy Morrison

Andy MorrisonTake 5 Oil Change provides a contactless, stay in your car oil change with an emphasis on customer service. In a time where contactless services are on the rise, Take 5 has continued to focus its efforts on quality oil changes and car services while maintaining its quick and customer focused mentality.

Andy Morrison and his cousin/business partner Elliott Smith have started on the path of opening new Take 5 Oil Change franchises in the Central Indiana region. Andy and Elliott have opened up four locations beginning in early march, with their fifth location scheduled to be open in late July. As franchisees, they are working to grow the Take 5 brand and operation all over Indiana and bring its company culture, customer service, and quality oil changes across the state.

zWORKS had the opportunity to speak with Andy about Take 5 and learn a little about his background and the motivations that led him down this exciting path.

Growing up in Elkhart Indiana, Andy was around small business owners his entire life. When he was young, his grandfather started a small business in mobile home real estate which would turn into a family business that continued to grow over the years.

This early influence in small business imprinted on Andy, ultimately influencing him to transition his career and seek out his current venture with Take 5.

Andy attended Depauw University where he was a member of the soccer team and majored in Economics. Growing up around a family owned and operated business, Andy was naturally drawn to the business world from the start.

Following his graduation from Depauw, Andy started his career for Eli Lilly and Company where he worked as a Financial Analyst and Sr. Financial Analyst for close to three years.

When asked what made him decide to seek out a career change, Andy spoke about the early influence his grandfather’s family business had on him. This desire to follow his grandfather’s path coupled with seeking further fulfillment in his career led Andy and his partner to seek business opportunities.

Working in such a large company prepared Andy for what may lieahead. He felt that the business skills he had developed compliments his partner well and together they felt great confidence in pursuing this path. Seeing his family members pursue their business interests and succeeding gave them confidence to do the same.

As the search started, it was focused on manufacturing, distribution, or service opportunities. Originally, there was no interest in pursuing retail or franchising options. Coming across an advertisement for Take 5 Oil Change on BizBuySell, Andy decided to look deeper into the company and what it had to offer. As the due diligence process went on, Andy recognized the opportunity with Take 5 Oil Change and began the process of becoming a franchisee.

With a focus on company culture and customer service, Andy and his cousin were able to open the first and only franchisee in Indiana. There are over 500 Take 5 Oil locations nationwide. That success has led to opening more locations in the area.

Andy lives in Zionsville with his family and was in need of office space. Living in Zionsville, Andy was familiar with zWORKS and decided it was a great fit for him and matched the flexibility he needed.

Getting to know Andy on a more personal level…

  • Andy’s son loves the driving range and is only 2 1⁄2 years old.
  • In college Andy climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.