Featured Member: Bryan McCart

Bryan McCartThe amazing thing about being in the zWORKS community is that you get to meet so many amazing zWORKers and no two zWORKers are the same. Some are small business owners, others work with local nonprofits, several are entrepreneurs and investors, and many are remote workers. The benefits of being a remote worker is the opportunity to be a part of the community that is a coworking space like zWORKS.

Bryan McCart is a zWORKer who has been a part of our community at zWORKS for the past two years since moving back to his home state of Indiana with his family. Bryan is a User Experience Architect Manager with Accenture and has been working with the company for fourteen years.

When Bryan started with Accenture, he worked in an office in the west Chicago suburb of St. Charles. Bryan has always been involved with the Human Resources side of Accenture’s operations. He continuously tries to advocate for his fellow employees and help create the company culture and structure that has kept him and others around for the past decade.

Accenture is a global company with 485,000 employees world wide. As a User Experience Architect Manager, Bryan gets to work with fellow colleagues across the globe to make sure his team is answering the right questions for their clients. The main question being “How can we help you?”

An Experience Architect ensures that their clients’ business needs are understood and the right technology or service is provided to help solve their problems. Some of these needs may include business strategy, technology consulting, or process outsourcing.

Other aspects of Bryan’s role involves working directly with the 5,500 Human Resource representatives Accenture has around the world. His goal is to make sure the partnerships and projects that have been implemented are always “anchored in the voice of employees.”

This can be challenging at times with a large company. With so many stakeholders, it is essential to advocate on behalf of the employees. With constant improvements and differing methodologies, Bryan helps make sure the focus of Human Centered Design Methodologies is not lost.

Some of Bryans favorite aspects of his work is getting to see the impact of a new project on the organization worldwide. A project he was particularly proud of was the building of a new Accenture learning center in Bangalore, India. He helped lay out and plan the entire learning experience, starting with mapping out the physical space and implementing the technology solutions to facilitate the center’s operations. During this project he was able to fly to India to meet and work directly with those who will be working at the center.

When Bryan had the opportunity to move back to his home state of Indiana, he jumped on it. With a two and four year old, Bryan and his wife wanted to raise their family in Indianapolis. Now living in Whitestown for a little over two years, Bryan works from zWORKS and is able to work from home when needed.

Getting to know Bryan on a more personal level…

  • Bryan and his wife met at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.
  • Both Bryan and his wife are on the wall of Ivanhoes Ice Cream shop in Upland, Indiana. They are in the Ice Cream shops 100 club where you have all 100 varieties of shakes or sundaes.