Featured Member: Daniel Fuller

Daniel FullerEvery zWORKER has a unique career path, but they all share a common trait: they are deeply passionate about what they do. Daniel Fuller – who is the focus of this latest feature story – is no different.

Daniel grew up near Buffalo, New York, and later moved to Indianapolis in 2006. He started his career in the nonprofit world after graduating from college, and was eager to continue helping others when he came to Indy. Upon moving, he worked with several nonprofit organizations, including Shepherd Community Center, where he served as Director of Staff Development.

As a leader, Daniel was no stranger to the challenges of high-pressure situations. Over time, he found that by implementing transformational leadership practices, such as self-awareness and self-care, he was able to successfully navigate stress. Because of his innate passion for helping others, he became eager to share this insight with other leaders he encountered. Thus, after a few years with Shepherd Community Center, Daniel leveraged his decade-long leadership experience to create his own organization called Sycamore Way. This coaching and consulting company focused on helping leaders, teams, and organizations on their transformational journey. He provided guidance on talent retention, conflict resolution, and leadership growth.

Currently, Daniel serves as the VP of Business Development for FullStack, a company that provides its clients with a variety of HR offerings, including payroll, benefits, compliance, onboarding, employee health and wellness, and professional development. FullStack specializes in startups – specifically tech and professional services- so Daniel works closely with small businesses to grow, scale, and thrive. He helps them seamlessly move from the early startup stage to mature growth. With personal experience in starting a business and guiding others to achieve their goals, Daniel brings a unique and valuable perspective to the company.

When we asked Daniel his favorite aspect of working with FullStack, he said he “loves the challenge.” He enjoys learning about new businesses, identifying their needs, and leading them to innovative solutions. As a zWORKS member and frequent visitor to Broad Ripple partner, The Speak Easy, Daniel serves as a resource to members and provides opportunities to help them take their startups to the next level.

As FullStack looks to the future, they hope to expand their footprint in Indiana and the midwest. If you’re interested in learning more about them and the services they offer, please visit their website here.

Getting to know Daniel on a more personal level…

  • Daniel and his wife love gardening. In the spring and summer months, they spend much of their time tending to the various vegetables and native Indiana plants growing in their yard (they’ll soon be adding a chicken coop!). As part of their passion for the outdoors, Daniel and his wife love helping wildlife thrive. They hope to one day turn this passion into a small farming operation on the side.
  • Daniel had the privilege of visiting zWORKS Executive Director, Vickie, and her husband Andy’s, farm for a truckload of sheep poop to fertilize his garden last fall!
  • Daniel is fluent in Spanish, but is rusty and still working to perfect it in high-pressure situations!

By: Carter Baretz