Featured Member: David McArdle

Pilot by night, web designer by day

He wakes up for work at 1 in the morning. Flies to another part of the country. Sleeps for a few hours. Then works on websites the rest of the day before he flies back home.

David McArdle is a pilot for FedEx Express and flies the night sort shift. Packages are loaded between 2 to 3 a.m., then he flies out by 4 a.m.

His company, Indy Web Designers, is something he started after receiving compliments on the website he created for another of his startup companies. When he saw the positive response, he decided to make it his day job.

“I like learning new things,” McArdle said. “I learn something new with every project.”

He mainly focuses on three platforms – Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify.

“I enjoy helping empower other business owners grow their business and allow them time to focus on that rather than their website,” he added.

McArdle doesn’t think twice about managing both day and night jobs.

“I have learned that I don’t sit still well,” he said. “I’ve always had difference projects I work on.”

When he graduated from Purdue’s School of Aviation, he started in Louisville with a small regional airline. He then worked for a private charter company before moving to Columbus, Indiana to fly for Cummins where he started a non-profit on the side. He then came to FedEx where he also started an aviation training company before switching to the website business.

“I prefer hobbies that generate money rather than spend money,” he said. “The fact that I enjoy web design and can make a positive difference for other companies is pretty cool.”

McArdle, along with his wife and two kids, have lived in Zionsville for two years. He said zWORKS helps him focus.

“I can get more done here in 2 hours than 4 or 5 at home.”

McArdle will be offering Squarespace workshops with the first one on Monday, Nov. 12 from 5 to 7 p.m for $50 at zWORKS on Pine. He offers various support packages for those that want help building their new website.

“Web design is becoming more and more accessible to more people,” he said. “I’m looking for entrepreneurs that want to learn how to build and manage their own website so I can help them get started.”

To contact David, email david@indywebdesigners.com or to sign up for courses, go to www.indywebcourses.com/.


Getting to know David…

Claim to Fame

David’s most prestigious clients when he flew for a private charter company were Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.


David learned to fly when he was 15 years old. He could fly an airplane by himself before he could drive a car by himself.