Featured Member: Ed Novit

Business developer traverses pharm world

Ever wonder how Ibuprofen is made?

One zWORKer works daily with equipment that makes drugs like Ibuprofen possible. Ed Novit has experienced all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. From selling equipment for pharma companies to coming up with new ways to use that same equipment, he has seen it all.

Novit is the business development manager for Freund-Vector based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His job is to find new ideas for the capital equipment Freund-Vector makes. The type of machine that makes those little Ibuprofen pills can cost anywhere between $100,000 and $6 million.

The pharmaceutical world is constantly evolving and once Freund-Vector develops new processing equipment, Novit keeps the ball rolling – or rather – keeps the pill rolling.

In total, the company has over 5,000 installations in 51 countries of the world.

“It’s a creative role which is very rewarding to me,” Novit said. “The idea of creating things and bringing new ideas and also selling these ideas.”

He went from selling other people’s ideas to selling his own.

Novit originally studied chemical engineering and worked as an industrial distributor. This is how he fell into the pharmacy world in the early 2000s. He learned to live and breathe drug lingo from beads, pellets, and tablets to agglomerating, granulating and densification.

“I enjoy creating something that doesn’t exist already, at least in our organization,” he said.

Novit has worked remotely for the past few years and despite living in Avon, has made zWORKS his home.

“Anybody that thinks that when you’re working remotely thinks, you’re taking two-hour lunches, long naps and playing golf, has obviously not worked remotely.”

Not only is it the casual but professional atmosphere that draws Novit, but the idea trading as well.

“You pick up these little things and it’s like a bee pollinating,” he said. “You collect pollen from different flowers and pick up different things then share back to other people.”

Get in touch with Ed at edward.novit@freund-vector.com.


Getting to know Ed…


Ed grew up in Chicago and is beyond excited for the Portillo’s to open in Avon.

Hidden Talent

He started playing the guitar in 4th grade and typically plays country, bluegrass or blues.