Featured Member – Eric White

Eric WhiteInspiration can be hard to find when searching for it. Oftentimes, the spark of inspiration is ignited at random moments when you least expect it. This happened with zWORKer Eric White as he pulled into work in April of 2015.

Eric was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana located south of Indianapolis, just east of Bloomington. Eric attended Indiana University in Bloomington where he graduated in 1992 with a degree in Computer Science. He moved up to Indianapolis post graduation to begin his career in Enterprise Software Development.

Living in a carriage house at 44th and Meridian, Eric would meet his wife, who at the time, lived in the main house from which he rented. Working in developing Enterprise Software, he worked with both trucking and train transportation companies, developing and improving their software for the managers and drivers of the companies.

As his career progressed, Eric recognized that his skills in relationship building and project management complimented his deep understanding of Software Development. Pivoting his career path, Eric started working in the Project Management side of Enterprise Software Development. He helped ensure the ROI of the customer coupled with making sure the operation of the software was understood and implemented.

Eric worked in Enterprise Software Development for 20 years before listening to a podcast called The Critical Path with host Horace Dediu, which inspired him to start his work with Revealed.

The inspiring episode focused on the Jobs to be Done theory pioneered by the show’s guest, Bob Moesta. Bob takes the host through an interview focused on a recent car purchase Horace has made. This interview goes deep into the theory of this particular interview technique and how it helped explain key moments in the purchasing decision process.

Wanting to learn and understand more about this process, Eric started doing research and eventually found his current business partner, Allen Klement on Twitter. Allen was writing a book titled When Coffee and Kale Compete, which focuses directly on the Jobs to be Done theory.

This work inspired Eric to want to understand the main question being asked in The Critical Path and When Coffee and Kale Compete: why? Why do consumers make the decisions they do? Why are consumers going to behave differently?

Eric would spend weeks flying between New York and Indianapolis to work with Allen on learning and understanding the Jobs to be Done Theory. As they worked, they became good friends and with the launch of Allen’s book, opportunities started to arise.

Their first client, Pipedrive CRM started working with Revealed and over the years has continued to use its services to understand their buyer. Eric found a moment of realization on how impactful the work of Revealed had been for Pipedrive, when the founder of the company attributed much of its success to the work Revealed had done for them.

Seeing the full impact of their research, Eric and Allen have continued their work with Revealed and have been able to help technology companies use their customer research to solve their complicated growth problems. They have had the opportunity to grow their operations in the US as well as Europe, spending an 80 hour week working with a company based in Paris to develop a new product. Revealed has partners in Berlin and Lisbon and continues to grow.

As Revealed moves on into 2021, it focuses on its continued success in what it knows as well as growing its services. Revealed has begun focusing on using data and research to predict market trends. With a new book due to come out focused on the topic, the company is excited for what the future holds.

Getting to know Eric on a more personal level…

  • Eric is the president of his Homeowners Association and loves the job. If he could make his living doing it he would.
  • As a result of being president of the homeowners association, he is involved in state politics. Recently he has been helping with the legislative problems arising from the new 5G rollout.