Featured Member: Halle Simpson

Halle SimpsonNot everyone is lucky enough to find their “calling” in life. For zWORKS member Halle Simpson, she described her career as a business life coach as “exactly what she is supposed to be doing.”

Halle has been an independent business coach for the last three years. Her journey as a professional coach started when she teamed up with a friend already working in the field. During this time, Halle attended Coach U, a leading global provider of coach training programs.

The two of them worked together for a year, where Halle learned the ins and outs of the business and further developed her coaching skill set.

Halle’s projected career path did not always include coaching. Similar to most, she found her way to coaching through trial and error and relentless effort. The stops she made along the way all contributed to the professional expertise she is now able to pass on to her clients.

As a Zionsville High School alumnus, Halle attended Indiana University to earn her bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in Business and Psychology. During her time at IU, she sold kitchen cutlery, which is where she began to develop a knack for sales and a strong work ethic. When describing her sales career, she said, “I must have heard ‘no’ 30,000 times.” Having this experience in tackling adversity translates directly to the services she provides with her clients now. Halle helps them see that “no” does not mean the end and to keep moving forward.

Following her graduation from IU, Halle moved to Denver, Colorado, where she worked in the corporate world for a few years. She soon found her way to another sales position, which included an opportunity to recruit, mentor, and coach.

Now as a business coach, these early experiences help Halle provide the best service she can for her clients. She strives to understand their pain points and help them work toward solutions, so that they can meet their greatest potential.

Halle noted that one of the biggest challenges her clients face is feeling “stuck.” She gives them objective advice, helps them assess their options to move forward with their business, and helps them develop the tools and confidence they need to make hard decisions. Through these one on one interactions with clients, Halle has developed a deep appreciation for watching these individuals grow both professionally and personally. She says this is the most rewarding part of her career.

In addition to individual coaching sessions, Halle also offers services for corporate speaking events and staff training seminars. Ultimately, her goal is to help business owners and executives become the best version of themselves.

Halle’s next venture is publishing a journal which is focused on self-awareness and how it is directly related to your success. Look for the release of  ”Know Thyself Journal” in April of 2020.

Getting to know Halle…

  • Halle will attend her 32nd Indy 500 race this May.
  • Her four year old Boston Terrier is named Marco, after the Andretti
  • Halle’s favorite place to travel to is Traverse City, Michigan.

If you are interested in learning more about Halle’s business coaching services, please visit her website here to contact her.