Featured Member – Jeff Wishek

Jeff WishekEntrepreneurship can be a long and bumpy journey, filled with highs and lows, consistency and inconsistency. Experience, perseverance, and support are major factors in navigating this field and ultimately essential to seeing success. Jeff Wishek has all of these factors behind him and has been building his career over the last twenty years, setting himself up for success in his newest endeavor as Midas franchisee.

Growing up in California, Jeff entered the workforce in a quality control role for MTC Laboratories then moving to Air Industries Company, which manufactured metal and aerospace products. From here, along with a number of management certifications, Jeff grew his career to include several other quality control positions. Ultimately, Jeff took on a position working for a company named Alfa Leisure which produced motorhomes.

In 2002, Jeff left the company to join his father in starting their own trailer manufacturing business where he would gain his first experience in starting and running a business. Jeff worked with his father manufacturing trailers until about 2007 when they decided to pivot the business to e-commerce, selling trailer parts on ebay. During this time, April, Jeff’s wife made a career change from teaching and joined the business. As time went on, Jeff and April took the experience they had gained in e-commerce and pursued an opportunity in the Indianapolis area so they could be closer to family.

In 2012, Jeff and April launched IndeCorp, LLC. They have successfully run their e-commerce business for the last eight years and continue to do so, operating as a third party seller on all online marketplaces as well as their own site. After some time Jeff and April found they wanted to shift gears from IndeCorp and start something new. They wanted to distance themselves from the heavy influence which Amazon holds over the e-commerce industry.

Looking for the next venture, Jeff researched a broad scope of opportunities, casting a wide net to determine what fit their needs. Ultimately, they wanted something that fit the strengths Jeff has in process implementation and efficiency.

Landing on Midas, April took over the management of IndeCorp, as Jeff launched the team’s newest venture as franchisee with Midas. Touch of Gold, LLC currently has four Midas locations throughout Indiana, employing over 20 people. With the goal of having eight to ten locations by the end of next year. Touch of Gold, LLC is growing fast.

It was not as smooth as it may seem when Jeff and April started down this path in 2018. To learn the business and understand its intricacies, Jeff spent ten months on location, working five to six days a week away from his family, at their first Midas location in Valparaiso, Indiana. His goal was to deeply understand the business model so they could successfully replicate it over and over again all over Indiana.

Jeff and April are members of the community and live in Whitestown, Indiana with their children, a thirteen year old son and ten year old daughter. With their ultimate goal of creating jobs and providing high quality customer service to the community, Jeff hopes to headquarter Touch of Gold, LLC in Boone County.

Get to know Jeff on a more personal level…

  • Jeff and his family love to travel and will often take camping trips.
  • His family has traveled to see Niagara Falls and Yellowstone, camping along the way.
  • Jeff and April love to spend time with their kids and take advantage of as much time as they can.