Featured Member: Jordan Hollingsworth

zWORKS member makes safety cool

Safety is the new black and Jordan Hollingsworth knows it. He’s making work environments safer one project at a time.

It all started with a seasonal college job with a utility company. Sometimes it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know, and Hollingsworth met someone in the safety management department. That person became his mentor and the rest is history.

Over a decade later and Hollingsworth has been working at Safety Management Group for 12 years.

One of his first projects was working on the Indianapolis Airport when it was being built in 2007. He also has worked on projects like the Hamilton Town Center and the Conrad in downtown Indy.

He oversees safety features mainly for construction sites but also other projects like utility installation. He said his favorite part of the job is the site visits and being able to see direct results of his work.

His thesis was prevention through design. An example of this is designing a parapet wall 42 inches high instead of the 30-inch building code so that falls are less of a risk while also complying with OSHA guard-rail guidelines.

“It’s all about working with architects and engineer to design buildings safe to construct,” Hollingsworth said. “We try and take away the risk for the construction workers who are actually building it.”

You might say working remotely is also the new black and Hollingsworth knows that too.

He has been working remotely for a few years and said zWORKS provided him with a distraction-free zone and good networking opportunities.

Hollingsworth lives in Brownsburg with his wife and two kids.


Getting to know Jordan

  • He originally started in computer programming and started making websites in middle school on Microsoft FrontPage.
  • His favorite place to travel is the Caribbean islands. His favorite island is St. Kitts.