Featured Member: Jordan Morrissey

zWORKS member finds passion through design

It has been a 10-year journey for one zWORKS member from Bluffton, Indiana to owning an interior design company in Zionsville.

Jordan Morrissey came to Indianapolis to study interior design. After working for two designers, she decided to take a different route into space planning.

During one client visit with her mentor, Morrissey said she didn’t think she wanted to do interior design. A few years later and she’s telling a different story.

“Now if I see my mentor, she tells me I totally ate my words,” Morrissey said.

She worked in space planning for 3 years then decided to pursue her true passion and start her own interior design company – Jordan Morrissey Interior Design Co.

“There’s been some self-discovery,” she added. “I thought I wanted one thing, but I didn’t. With this route, I’ve been able to really find my passion.”

Her favorite part about the work is the connections. She said the business was the grounding point for meeting people in a new community.

“People in Zionsville really embrace people from Zionsville who live and work here,” she said.

Her favorite jobs include The Willows at ‘The Willow Ridge’ in Zionsville and a commercial project in her hometown.

The work itself can get very personal and she says clients become more of a friendship rather than a client.

“You kind of become their sounding board in a way,” she said.

“You have to fully gain their trust so they can ask you those tougher questions and feel confident in you to give good advice,” she said.

The positives of starting her own business for her have been meeting people and the work / life balance with three kids. A challenge for her is being able to focus on growing the business while doing the design projects.

The process usually involves showing samples of her work on her website and seeing if the client’s styles mesh with hers, doing a consultation to talk about the space and the client’s goals, then starting on the on to the fun part of actually designing.

To learn more, head to her website or contact her at jordan@jordanmorrissey.com.


Getting to know Jordan …

  • Jordan’s favorite two dishes in Zionsville are Casarecce alla Genovese at Convivio or Loaded Seafood Mac at Noah Grant’s.
  • Her favorite tv show is Shameless.