Featured Member – Katie Reasoner

Katie Reasoner - Chief Development Officer of The Boys & Girls Club of Boone CountyThe Zionsville community is fortunate enough to have an abundance of residents dedicated to improving their community and its surrounding communities. One organization that is a leader in providing resources for the youth of Boone County is The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County.

The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County was created in 2018 with the merger of the Lebanon Area Boys & Girls Club and the Boys & Girls Club of Zionsville. Their mission is to enable the youth of Boone County, especially those that need them most, to develop the skills, fitness, and character they need to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

Katie Reasoner joined the team at The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County in July of 2018, handling fundraising, sponsorship, special events, marketing and community relations. Now operating as the Chief Development Officer, Katie continues her efforts to aid in the further development of The Boys & Girls Club.

As a native of Lebanon and an alumni of The Boys & Girls Club, Katie wanted to find a way to deepen her involvement in her community. When Katie and her family moved back to the Zionsville area five years ago, she took on a role with the Zionsville Education Foundation. When the opportunity arose to join the program she was so involved with during her childhood, she took advantage of it.

In a typical summer The Boys & Girls Club offers camps and sports for the youth of the community to join. Everything from T-ball to Karate along with a number of camps. Before and after school programs are available during the school year. There are before care programs at the Lebanon and Whitestown units as well as after school programs at all three units in Lebanon, Whitestown, and Zionsville.

As most things, this school year looks a little different. The Boys & Girls Club is taking measures to ensure the safety of its members and staff. Members are assigned specific groups, with the same leader each day to limit the contact between Boys & Girls Club members. They also  instituted a Remote Learning Initiative, a new program for families as middle and high school students go through their hybrid learning schedule.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in March of this year, The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County served 450 members daily and had a total of 3,000 members. Providing meals and transportation for many members, to and from school.

The shut down in March posed a significant problem for the members reliant on meals from The Boys & Girls Club. In an effort to address this problem and serve as a leader in the non-profit community, the Boys & Girls Club established a drive through Emergency Meal program which served a total of 18,867 meals to those in need in the community. During the month of July, an additional 2,473 meals were served to the community.

When asked about the mission of The Boys & Girls Club, Katie talked about being there for the kids in the community and helping them see academic success, live healthy lifestyles, and act as responsible citizens. Through the initiatives of The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County, youth in the community are given the opportunity to develop skills and traits that will aid them in the years to come.

If you are interested in getting involved with The Boys & Girls Club of Boone County or want to learn about their upcoming events or programs you can visit their website to learn more!

Get to know Katie on a more personal level…

  • Katie had the opportunity to work for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta
  • Katie and her husband Tim have three teenage boys.