Featured member: Lucas Moser

zWORKS developer brings napkin drawings to life

You can get lost in the world of coding. And that’s exactly what member Lucas Moser does at zWORKS.

Moser works remotely for a business analytics consulting firm, PMsquare, based out of Chicago. He leads the software development and operations of their new products team.

Basically, what this means is that he takes napkin drawings and ideas and creates something tangible that users can interact with on a daily basis.

PMsquare is an IBM business partner and works mainly with a data-driven software for businesses called IBM Cognos and IBM Cognos TM1. This software analyzes different data points within a company then allows interaction with those points like filtering company reports, analyzing trends and deviations, sending notifications if a specific data point is triggered, and so on.

Companies store data then Moser can organize the data efficiently so its easily retrievable in the future.

He said after the data is organized, they can provide advice to help businesses make better decisions in the future. They are currently working on developing more products that can complement their current analytics software.

“I love my job because of the breadth of technical and leadership work it provides,” he said. “I might spend any given day writing code to fix a performance issue, training a junior developer on asynchronous programming, and coaching peers on software development methodologies.”

Moser got a relatively late start in coding, ironically after he took an elementary logic philosophy course.

“I thought it was really great because it is basically all the fun of algebra and geometry without the hassle of arithmetic,” he said. “You only have to worry about two values for variables – true and false.”

His parents were not keen on the philosophy route, so he took his love for logic elsewhere.

“I immediately called my parents and told them I was changing my major to philosophy,” he said. “They immediately responded with ‘no, you aren’t.’”

After a minor in computer science at IU, he got a CS master’s degree from University of Chicago.

Moser lives in West Carmel with his wife and three kids.


Getting to know Lucas…

Hidden Talent

Lucas is a homebrewer who has done some recipe work for a friend’s brewery.  He is most proud of his winter warmer: Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Warm Fuzzies.

Random Fact

He loves chocolate chip cookies, maybe a little too much. He has very high standards and says Rosie’s makes the best.