Featured Member: Matt Fleck

A man of many talents … and voices

Education. Check.

Broadcasting. Check.

Radio. Check.

Add in a dash of urban forestry, and you have a pretty good picture of zWORKS member Matt Fleck.

What started as an urban forestry major at Purdue turned into a radio and broadcast career then morphed into an education career which is where Matt Fleck has remained for the past 25 years.

And even in education, Fleck has been exposed to various aspects from teaching to administration to the Indiana Department of Education.

His company combines all of these aspects into one bigger endeavor. Fleck Education bridges the gap between educators and employers by providing practical, professional, solution-focused support to educators, workforce partners, communities and states.

He started the company in 2012 with the focus on school counselors and directors of an educational initiative called Career & Technical Education (CTE). Both of these are still a big part of Fleck Education but it has expanded to include state government projects, workforce development, and smaller regional entities.

“It’s really bridging the gap between what students are thinking about in high school and giving them purpose,” Fleck said.

For example, one of their projects was with Bedford’s economic development commission and working with the high school career programs.

“It’s rewarding because I like project work,” Fleck said. “I really like bigger projects and major-impact kind of projects.”

Another project was developing an online series for school counselors called the College and Career Readiness Workshop.

“We feel like we’re helping the helpers,” Fleck said.

Fleck lives in Zionsville and said zWORKS has been a solid base for the company.

“Here especially, more than any other coworking space, it feels like a family,” he said.

To contact Fleck, email him at matt@fleckeducation.com or call 317-748-0108.


  • Matt narrated a video series for a tractor calendar company. Enjoy.
  • Matt’s first experience in Zionsville was at Gisela’s after he studied abroad in Germany. (Gisela’s was a German restaurant in Zionsville where Rush on Main currently is.)