Featured Member – Matt Philips

Matt PhilipsHave you struggled with creating your ideal home experience? Creating an environment in your home that you love can be challenging.  Finding the right combination of furniture and technology is a difficult task when you go at it alone. Oftentimes the furniture you find isn’t what you expect and does not match the way you pictured it.

When Matt Philips founded Parker Gwen, this is the problem he sought to solve. He wanted to provide an online shopping experience for his customers that was like nothing else. As families seek to create an experience in their home that will last, Parker Gwen is there to help guide them through it by assisting the shopper in picking out the best quality furniture and technology for the space.

Matt’s background in retail runs deep beginning over 20 years ago in Crown Point, Indiana, working in retail in high school. Matt attended the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University where he studied Retail and Marketing. Following his graduation from IU, Matt started his career in Minnesota with Best Buy. Matt was with the company for nine years before taking a role with Groupon.

Working for Groupon in its early years, he had the opportunity to grow an entire division of the company from scratch. Matt helped launch Groupon Goods, growing the division from nothing to a $400 million operation in four years. This experience of creating and growing a whole division of a business sparked his initial desire to seriously consider launching his own retail operation.

Following his time with Groupon, Matt joined the Senior Management team at HH Gregg. For this position, Matt and his family returned to Indiana and moved to Zionsville about four years ago. While working for HH Gregg, Matt’s desire to create something new remained and he felt more prepared than ever to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Matt prepared himself for a career shift and started his journey in creating Parker Gwen.

Parker Gwen strives to help their clients personalize their shopping experience. When describing the retail experience that is most common in the market, Matt identifies the clutter of options that the shopper is confronted with. Many of these options are low quality and simply not what you want when building a lasting home experience. There are endless filters found on sites like Amazon and Wayfair, but Parker Gwen offers personalization and the quality of product that the consumer desires. Parker Gwen helps customers build the experience in their home that they want and their Customer Support Advocates make sure that happens. These experts are here to help consumers identify the right products for their needs and ensure everything from pillow textures to cabinet colors match.

As a young brand, Parker Gwen has been able to build its trust with customers through consistent delivery of high quality products and support. Taking out the complexity that can come with retail shopping and directly addressing these issues with the consumer allows for a stress free process when working with the Parker Gwen team.

Getting to know Matt on a more personal level…

  • Matt has been to Las Vegas over 20 times, but always for business.
  • He has been to Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.
  • Matt has two kids named Parker and Gwen.
  • Matt enjoys cooking and hosting. He has won several burger cooking competitions.