Featured Member – Paul McCoy

Paul McCoy

Being a good coach in any aspect is a difficult thing to do. It requires several qualities that many people lack and can be hard to develop. Oftentimes the best coaches are those who are the most passionate about the subject matter and understand the point of view of those they are coaching.

Originally from the city of York, in the United Kingdom, Paul started his professional career with Rolls-Royce as a Mechanical Engineer. He worked full time for ten years in the UK, earning a MBA along the way. Having always wanted to work abroad, Paul was able to transfer to  to the United States where he has lived and worked for the past 21 years.

Paul first moved to Indiana, and then transferred to Virginia, where he helped Rolls-Royce open a new factory. One aspect of this project was outreach in the local community. Paul became involved with the local Chamber of Commerce and within ten months, was elected as the President of the Chamber of Commerce.

As the chamber was facing significant financial trouble, Paul had to work hard to lead them on the path of growth and sustainability. This project was a pivotal point for Paul and would prove to be influential for him down the road when transitioning his career to business coaching.

That first experience in leading a group dedicated to local small businesses and coaching them to improve was one that stuck with Paul as he continued his career with Rolls-Royce. Ultimately, Paul and his family would move to Indianapolis.

After some time working for Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis, Paul decided to take his career in a new direction and pursue business coaching. Paul has a coaching background in sports as a Zionsville High School Rugby Coach for the last eight years. Along with that, he played rugby his whole life, traveling internationally to compete. Leveraging some of the skills gained from experience with competitive sports and combining that with his professional knowledge and experience has allowed him to build and grow his professional coaching career.

As a coach, Paul plays a number of different roles when working with a business. He helps CEOs make decisions they may be struggling with by providing an outside perspective. This outside perspective also allows him to help streamline workflows for his client, improving efficiency and lowering costs.

As an engineering minded individual, Paul has found some of his most successful projects come from businesses with like minded dispositions. Working with many different engineering businesses dentists, financial institutions, CPAs, bankers, and an assortment of other professional businesses. One particular successful project came with a chiropractic business. With Paul’s coaching, he helped one associate increase their number of clients per week from 65 to an average of 122. Their peak week during this time reached 225.

Now, as a coach under Tidal Coaching, Paul is focused on delivering for his clients what “TIDAL” stands for. Talent, Integrity, Diagnostics, Achievability, and Leverage.

Get to know Paul on a more personal level…

  • Paul and his family love the outdoors and often go hiking, cycling or kayaking.
  • Paul loves to travel and when he can he tries to travel back to the UK to see his parents as often as possible.
  • Paul loves to try new things and has recently tried archery for the first time.
  • Paul played rugby in Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia, playing internationally with his Rugby club.