Featured Members – Virtual Marketing Directors

In the virtual business environment of today it is more important now than ever before to fully understand the importance and power of a high quality website. For many businesses, their websites’ ecommerce ability and high functionality allowed them to weather the storm over the past year. Today, as companies look to the future, they should prioritize their website. Is it high quality? Is it supporting your sales funnel? Is it optimized for SEO? These are all questions that should be asked when reviewing your website performance.

The Virtual Marketing Directors, formerly known as the Indy Web Developers, are a team of three that started by focusing on their expertise of creating high quality websites. Founder and Owner, David McArdle started the company three years ago, born out of his inability to sit still. David is a pilot for a local freight company, spending his nights flying he found an abundance of time to fill during the day. Joining him on the team is Zach Bowman, the full time web designer for the company and Alyse Tucker Bounds, who is the team’s Virtual Marketing Director, working with clients to onboard them, create content, and handle all marketing efforts.

As the once named “Indy Web Developers” continued to grow, work began to expand past just website development. As this continued and the client base started to expand outside of Indiana, the company rebranded to become “Virtual Marketing Directors”.

Even though the company has grown, a large portion of the work continues to focus on website development. Creating websites that support their clients’ sales funnel is one of the main focuses of their work. The team is StoryBrand certified and uses this approach to help their clients’ websites cut through the noise and communicate their message clearly to their audience.

Understanding the power and value of website sales and SEO performance is a priority for the Virtual Marketing Directors. Their goal is to not only to create websites that optimize these opportunities but also help their clients understand its importance. As the Virtual Marketing Directors continue to grow they are hoping to create and maintain these long lasting relationships. The company’s goal is to methodically grow while building long lasting partnerships organically. With limited spend on their own marketing, their continued work with established companies creating high quality websites is a trend they hope will take them to the next level.

Looking to the future, the Virtual Marketing Directors are excited to see where their recipe for success takes them. The team is constantly learning and improving to stay on top of ever changing SEO best practices so they can continue to support their clients.

Meet the Virtual Marketing Directors Team

David McArdle – Owner/Founder

David McArdleDavid McArdle is the founder of Indy Web Designers and The Virtual Marketing Directors. When he is not helping small business owners create websites that grow their businesses he enjoys running, biking and any excuse to be outdoors. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, David has found his calling helping businesses communicate what they do in a way that actually helps businesses grow.

Zach Bowman – Website Designer

Zach BowmanZachary Bowman is the Lead Designer for the Virtual Marketing Directors. With a desire to create by blending technology and art, Zach shifted into the technology industry after receiving his BA in Criminal Justice from Indiana University. His daily involves handling the design & development for all of our clients. When he is not building websites, he enjoys competitive gaming, indoor bouldering, and being a lifetime Colts fan while living in Fishers, Indiana.

Alyse Tucker Bounds

Alyse Tucker BoundsAlyse Tucker Bounds is the Virtual Marketing Director for Indy Web Designers/Virtual Marketing Directors. She enjoys content writing, onboarding new clients, and maintaining the marketing side of the business. Alyse received her undergraduate degree in Art History and Classical Studies at Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis. After working/studying in Metropolitan London, England she moved back to Indiana to pursue a career in marketing. She was offered the opportunity to work alongside David and his team at Indy Web Designers. She is passionate about helping people communicate with their clients in innovative and successful ways.

Getting to know David on a more personal level…

  • David is a pilot and started Virtual Marketing Directors in his free time.
  • David typically spends his nights flying and his days running Virtual Marketing Directors.
  • He is grateful for the solid team that is able to take care of their clients.