Featured Partner: FullStack

zWORKS partner offers HR consulting to startups

An HR position turned into a startup company for one Indianapolis entrepreneur.

Dawn Lively worked at DeveloperTown as the Director of Culture and Talent. So many companies she worked with while at DeveloperTown – a software solution company in Indy – continued asking her for HR help that she decided to make a full-time business out of it.

Lively is now the COO and Co-founder of FullStack, which provides HR support to companies, specifically early-stage companies. Services include payroll & compliance, health, dental, vision and supplemental benefits, 401(k), administrative & operational HR support, strategic HR consulting & ancillary HR support and health and wellness.

Lively had worked at PEOs (Professional Employer Organization) for 11 years and leveraged that experience to start her company.

“We decided to try and help these companies while having a bigger mission to help others,” Lively said.

Coworking spaces are an ideal fit since FullStack focuses on startups.

“The reason why we pair so well with companies in the zWORKS family is that we help them afford those benefits and help them understand what it means to be a growing company,” Lively said.

She said every business has different needs and situations.

The goal, Lively added, is to let the entrepreneur focus on what they need to focus on.

The three main things she said startups need help with are: issues with employees, hiring the first employee, and benefits and plans for existing employees.

FullStack is based in Broad Ripple. Lively has office hours at zWORKS every third Thursday from 9:30 to 11 a.m.

“For me, I love the feeling of community at zWORKS,” she said. “We’re involved with a few different coworking spaces because that’s our niche. There’s just a feeling of community that’s above and beyond what other similar spaces seem to have.”

To contact Lively, email dawn.lively@fullstackpeo.com or go to www.fullstackpeo.com.


Getting to know Dawn…


Dawn used to coach color guard and winter guard.

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She traveled to Cabo San Lucas in June, during which time a tropical storm hit.