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The Nameless journey from $500 to state-wide company

What started as a small pizza shop has turned into a state-wide catering company. And looking towards breaching the state boundaries in the near future.

Nameless Catering was a startup at a co-working space just a few years ago, similar to many of you out there. Boone County resident Jeremy Brown originally started a pizza shop with his cousin – with just $500.

“My cousin and I have both always been entrepreneurial-minded and we toyed around with a few different ideas,” Brown said.

In fact, they went forward with many of those ideas. But the pizza shop was the one nearest to Brown’s past, having worked in the restaurant business for 10 years and even spending some time at a pizza shop in a Chicago suburb when he was younger.

Brown said he and his cousin realized one day there would be more money in catering. Five years later and they are now the preferred caterer at 65 venues around Indianapolis. They cater anything from dance clubs to prisons, photo studios and boats (and, in case you were wondering, their top three catered foods for 2018 were pasta, Mexican and barbecue).

Co-working spaces are, of course, a part of their repertoire.

“After we scaled enough to move to our own space, we decided it was a good time to look back, via donations or food drop-offs, to be supportive of that environment for other folks on that same path,” Brown said.

The familial startup turned into 25 employees and even more contractors. And all with $500, bootstrapping their way into the catering community.

What drives a CEO like Brown? He had a one-word answer – competition.

“I am very much driven by competition,” he said. “Every day, even if it’s something small, doing something my competition didn’t do.”

Brown added that they have some long-term goals for the next three to five years, including multi-state expansion.

To contact Nameless or book a catered event, head to their website https://namelesscatering.com/ or call 317-344-8449.


Getting to know Jeremy …

Factoids: Jeremy never rides elevators.

Jeremy and his wife decided on the name “Nameless” because, per their website, “After all, what’s in a name? As a Verona native once pointed out, nothing.”