Featured Partner: The Growth Coach

Zionsville resident and zWORKS member Bob Paden is now the owner of The Growth Coach Indianapolis North franchise. He and his team are focused on supporting Boone and Hamilton County business owners grow their companies while maintaining balance.

Paden was operating an independent firm called Tier321.

“Becoming a Growth Coach franchise allowed me to throw gas on a fire I had already been working on for three years,” Paden said.

After leaving a 25-year long career in corporate America, Paden branched out on his own in one-on-one consulting with TIER321 firm. During his past two months with The Growth Coach, Paden said it has been like drinking from a fire hose – in a good way – better tools, better materials and a great support system.

He has also partnered with an HR consultant and coach – Angie Woods – who will be the yin to his yang. They will be holding a Grand Opening on July 25 in Carmel and will be hosting a variety of workshops for business owners interested in The Growth Coach.

“The way Growth Coach approaches it is we don’t force people through a sausage machine ,” he said. “We meet with them early and figure out what they need because a lot of times they will need a combination of things that fit their specific needs.”

One of the main services offered is a Strategic Business Mindset® workshop that is held quarterly and usually brings 15 to 20 business owners together who can bounce ideas off each other and help each other through similar situations. Paden also offers coaching for sales, leadership or management development coaching.

“The group becomes a pod of owners that actually rely on, talk to, lean on and open up to each other,” Paden said. “A lot of business owners wear masks at networking events and say everything is great, but in reality, their business behind the curtain is not so pretty.”

He said his favorite part of what he does is watching a client change.

“It can change their business, it can change their life,” he said. “Watching that unfold and when a client comes back to you and says, ‘Thank you, I don’t know what I would’ve done if we hadn’t met.’ That’s pretty awesome stuff.”

According to Paden, one of the main topics he usually goes through is owner delegation and getting them out of the way of their own business growth.

“You have to learn how to balance work and life and the tools to make that happen,” he added. “It’s great to watch people grow and develop and go through a few of those “a-ha” moments.”

To contact Paden, email bpaden@thegrowthcoach.com or check out his LinkedIn. The next workshop will be on July 11 at the Boone EDC.


Getting to know Bob…

  • Bob was a super-commuter for almost two years between Indiana and Australia working for an Australian airline.
  • He is an avid reader, particularly of historical narratives. His favorite author is Shelby Foote.