Featured Startup: TRG Web Designs

zWORKS entrepreneur turns hobby into business

What do you want to do when you retire?

The answer to this question has many guises but rarely is the answer to start a business. Despite its rarity, this is the route one zWORKS member went.

“The reality is that when I decided to retire, I quickly learned I wasn’t ready to sit around,” Tom Greer said.

Thomas R. Greer started TRG Web Designs after he had retired from his career in business leadership. He was looking to do something entrepreneurial when he decided to turn his hobby into a business.

Greer started programming before there was a world wide web. For programmers out there, think COBOL in the 1970s. He had been creating websites for friends and family over the years and even maintained his own blog.

The positions Greer held previously had crossed paths with the technology world several times. He had been assigned to a few IT projects and toed the line between the two worlds most of his career. At one point, he was a VP of software development.

And so, when the business world lost Greer to retirement, the technology world gained Greer and his startup company.

“I’ve always had a desire to do things that were creative,” he said. “Web design is part art and part science and I really like the left and right brain balance between that.”

He and his wife, Melyssa, started TRG Web Designs in 2015 and have clients mainly based out of the Indianapolis area with some reaching to Florida, Arkansas and California. The company has now grown to 5 employees.

The main services they offer include responsive website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, logo creation, and weekly maintenance.

“What I love most about the job is I get to meet lots of people,” Greer said. “I love working with other entrepreneurs. I like helping them succeed.”

Greer is one of many at zWORKS who have taken the leap into the startup world.

“Entrepreneurs take a huge leap of faith and invest their time, savings and energy,” Greer said. “They put their livelihoods on the line because they love what they’re doing. I really think that’s the backbone of America and I love being part of it.”

To contact Greer, email tom.greer@trgwebdesigns.com or call 317-520-2712.


Getting to know Tom…

Hidden Talent: Tom is a novelist whose pen name and alter ego is Dax MacGregor.

Factoid: Tom and Melyssa are animal lovers. They have 2 dogs and 3 cats, one of which has its own Insta.