Featured Member: Dan Moyers

Dan Moyers joins zWORKS startup

A zWORKS co-founder is living out the zWORKS mission: to be an economic development catalyst.

February’s Member of the Month is Dan Moyers who recently joined one of zWORKS’ own – 120WaterAudit – as the VP of Products and Solutions.

After six years with a consulting firm, Moyers made the move to an early-stage product company. 120WaterAudit is a water-sampling company that sells water-testing kits to ensure quality throughout the year. They joined with zWORKS a year ago and graduated to 10 ½ S. Main St. this past winter.

Moyers had known 120WaterAudit co-founder and CEO Megan Glover for a while but it was through zWORKS that Moyers came to know more about her company.

“zWORKS allows for connections from friends to networking to business partnerships to job opportunities,” Moyers said. “It provides the connections, work space and resources that allow startups like 120WaterAudit to focus on getting their work done versus where am I going to work today and is it going to have this or that. We make the turnkey available.”

Best of luck to Dan as he continues his journey!


Getting to know Dan:

Hidden talent

Dan is a putt putt powerhouse. He was a multi-time all-star back in his youth, even contributing his talents to national tournaments.

Guest starring…

If Dan could be in any TV show, it would be The Profit as Marcus Lemonis’ helper. Why, you may ask? “The show gets at the power of the intersection between entrepreneurship and humanity and is about fighting through hard times to turn something around and find success.”