Featured Startup: Safekeeping

zWORKS startup highlights healthcare transparency

Matt Prasek’s personal experience with the healthcare industry inspired his startup company, Safekeeping.

His grandfather was in a skiing accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Matt and his family quickly realized there was a communication gap between care providers and family members.

“We were constantly chasing down clinicians to get information,” Prasek said. “Information isn’t really easy to access at these care facilities. Really, family members just want to know how our loved one is doing.”

After his experience with his grandpa, he decided to work towards a solution.

Prasek wrote a business plan during his time in the Ball State Entrepreneurship Program which eventually turned into the company called Safekeeping.

Safekeeping is an engagement portal for long-term care facilities. Both residents and family have access to the daily relevant information regarding their care management.

Prasek first introduced the software at two Community Health Network long-term care facilities in Anderson, Indiana for a test run. That was in 2016. Safekeeping is now contracted at over 45 long-term care facilities in Indiana and Florida.

Their biggest accomplishment to date was integrating with the regularly-used EMR software – which stands for electronic medical records – called Point Click Care. Point Click Care services over 15,000 facilities. Safekeeping was recently named Best New Partner of the Year at the Point Click Care Summit in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Day-to-day these nurses and doctors are inputting clinical data to their systems and normally that information would collect dust,” Prasek said. “We have an interface that pulls information directly from the EMR and makes that data actionable.”

Safekeeping is a HIPAA-compliant solution and Prasek said they have worked closely with Community Health to ensure the correct securities and procedures.

“We’re just taking the work they’re already doing and giving providers a tool to display and paint their own picture of care that they’re providing,” he said.

Patients and families are given the information for downloading the app and logging in to the Safekeeping portal when they are admitted into the long-term care facility.

“It’s really been rewarding to see a problem and face it,” Prasek said. “Just to know that I’m helping family members who were in a situation like me and making healthcare more transparent.”

The company has expanded to three full-time employees. Doug Wilcox (left) is the CEO and contacted Prasek after seeing one of the Safekeeping pamphlets at an Anderson long-term care facility where his mother was admitted. Howard Nodine is the CTO and created the software design for the web and app portals.

Prasek said other healthcare portals average 15-20% usage rates and Safekeeping attracts an average of 50% of admissions logging in 4 times a week.

To contact Matt, email matt@safekeepingapp.com or call 812-205-9495.


Getting to know Safekeeping…

Matt has two chocolate labs named River and LeRoy. Howard’s favorite color is grey. Doug has never eaten an orange or tomato.