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zWORKS on Main

Countdown to zWORKS on Main's Grand Opening!


What is zWORKS?

Founded in 2015, zWORKS is a not-for-profit organization that provides resources, programming, and shared work spaces for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and remote workers to collaborate, innovate, and build.

The mission of zWORKS is to continue to act as an economic development engine for the Zionsville and Boone County area, to catalyze entrepreneurs in accelerating the establishment and growth of their startups, and to provide programming and enablement resources for the member community.

We are Zionsville's first entrepreneurial launch pad - offering unique personality, style, and multiple local locations. Explore the rest of our website to learn more about our benefits, partners, and success stories - or sign up to schedule a tour or join our community directly!

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