Featured Member: Brian Stuerzenberger

Brian StuerzenbergerMany people enter the workforce unsure as to what they are looking for in a career. Oftentimes it is thought to be one thing, which turns out not to be the proper fit. It can take years of bouncing from position to position and company to company to find a path you feel is both fulfilling and rewarding. However, this is not always the case and for a number of people, they find that perfect fit early in their search and stick with it.

zWORKer Brian Stuerzenberger graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. As he was searching for his first position in the workforce there were two things that he wanted: to constantly be learning and not be locked in a cubicle setting. What he found in his career with NEFF is exactly that. A constant challenge to continue to learn, problem-solve, and grow with his company.

NEFF Industrial Automation specializes in providing automation products and solutions to manufacturers all over the midwest. For the last fifteen years, Brian has worked with NEFF, starting as an Account Manager after graduating from Purdue to now leading a team as a Sales Team Leader.

Brian is a Hoosier born and raised. He grew up outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana and he eventually found himself at Purdue University pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Describing his college experience, Brian said he was a “well rounded” student. Aside from focusing on his academics, he participated in campus life playing intramural sports with friends and enjoying the town of West Lafayette.

Brian met his wife at Purdue and upon graduation, he accepted his first job with NEFF which has turned into his fifteen-year career. Brian has deep gratitude and appreciation for his company and his position as it has allowed him to grow his career and satisfy his constant curiosity and desire to learn.

Eventually, the opportunity to move to Indianapolis presented itself to Brian and his wife and they spent the next 10 years in the circle city. This is one of the benefits Brian has seen with NEFF. As the geography and economies have changed over the years, Brian has had the opportunity to grow with the company and move to new places in the Hoosier state.

After 10 years in Indianapolis, where Brian and his wife started their family with three kids, they made the move to Zionsville.

Following their move to Zionsville two years ago, Brian has been able to continue his path with NEFF, now in a leadership position. Brian takes his years of experience with NEFF and coaches his team by providing advice and guidance as they pursue key business opportunities.

Brian is responsible for motivating his team to reach their full potential. This is a new challenge and opportunity that Brian is taking on in an uncertain time. One aspect that NEFF searches for in an employee is the ability to solve problems. It’s a company of competitive problem solvers and Brian is using this mentality to lead through this time.

Getting to know Brian on a more personal level…

  • As a family with three young kids, the life in the Stuerzenberger household revolves around them.
  • Brian and his family love the outdoors and take advantage of it as much as possible. Many weekends are spent at Eagle Creek hiking and canoeing.
  • Brian’s 2 boys play baseball in the local community, and his youngest girl thinks she will one-day become a Disney Princess!