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Featured Member – Plopper & Partners

What do you think of when you think about visiting an attorney’s office? You may often envision a stuffy, up-tight attorney sitting behind a big desk in a tall office tower with their practice name on the side of the building. In many cases, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that. The team at PlopperRead more

Featured Member – Intelligent Living Solutions

The age of smart home automation technology is well-rooted in our lives, and many people are incorporating these comforts and conveniences into their homes and businesses. From safety and security to custom lighting and audio solutions, smart home automation technology has found a place in our homes and in Zionsville’s Village. “When zWORKS moved outRead more

Featured Member – Amanda Cook, Marketing Simplicity

Any entrepreneur will tell you that starting a business isn’t for the faint of heart. They all agree that you must have a certain level of “crazy” to get comfortable going on your own. Or at least that’s how Amanda Cook, founder and CEO of Marketing Simplicity, describes it. “I didn’t really entertain the ideaRead more

Featured Member – Tissue Source

The discovery that human tissues and organs share many similarities with pig tissues and organs has led to medical advances that have benefited many and even saved lives.  Because of these similarities, pig tissue is often used in medical devices to treat various injuries or conditions in human beings. The need for pig tissue, alsoRead more

Featured Member – King Lou Pets

Ask any dog owner, and they’ll agree with the sentiment that a healthy dog is a happy dog. And a healthy, happy dog makes its human very happy, too.   This is the fundamental idea behind the founding of King Lou. A few months after losing his beloved dog Lou to Canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a form ofRead more

zWORKS Graduate Spotlight –

There are few things we love to see more than watching the zWORKS’ mission play out right before our eyes. That couldn’t be more true as we witness the growth and success that our friends at have achieved. What was a small idea with humble beginnings at zWORKS turned into a growing business. Co-founderRead more

Featured Member – Izzy Branam

Join us for a walk down memory lane for a minute and think about the days of summer right before beginning your senior year of high school. If you were like many incoming high school seniors, you were soaking up the final days of summer and hanging out with friends. If you were a bandRead more

Featured Member – Monisha Mitchell

zWORKS has always been about bringing people together for the benefit of the Zionsville community. You don’t have to look far to see the entrepreneurial engine at work whether that be the many small businesses that use the zWORKS spaces to host meetings and clients or the partners that offer their resources and expertise toRead more

Featured Member – Jeff Wraley

“If you are starting a business or even thinking about starting a business, then zWORKS is the place to be.” Jeff Wraley is no stranger to startups or the Zionsville community. He grew up in Zionsville, before going to Purdue University and later living in Virginia. While there, he worked in construction engineering along withRead more

Featured Members – Doug Wilcox

All startups are born when an entrepreneur tackles an unmet need, but the most successful ones are born out of a passion and driven by experience to solve a problem in the marketplace. It is that passion for changing the face of communications between long-term care facilities and families that drove co-founders Doug Wilcox andRead more