Featured Member: Whitney Vredenburgh

zWORKS member stages, redesigns homes

It’s another classic zWORKS startup story. Whitney Vredenburgh went from corporate to startup and hasn’t looked back.

The mother of two turned from marketing and sales with an agriculture company to a home staging and redesign startup in 2016. Two years later, and Vredenburgh is a proud mother of four with a blossoming company called Nested Spaces.

Nested Spaces will work with realtors on home staging, whether vacant or occupied, and clients on redesign. Vredenburgh said the ideal situation is to stage a client’s home during the sale then help redesign when they buy a new house.

For staging, she says it’s about neutralizing the house so it appeals to the most potential buyers, while redesigning is more personal.

“The goal is to make their home feel like THE home,” she said.

Vredenburgh has always been a creative person. Her favorite part about the agriculture companies she worked for was the ad and marketing campaigns where she could focus on the creative side. But when both her and her husband were constantly traveling, she said she knew something needed to change.

She had been interested in home staging and redesign ever since her mom spent 20 years in real estate.

“I saw what sold and what didn’t sell and why,” Vredenburgh said. “That gave me a foundation.”

She got her certification, made a website, tested a free vacant stage and the rest is history.

“My favorite thing about starting my own company is being able to create and showcase my own brand,” she said.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes with Nested Spaces. To hear more about what Whitney does or if you need a redesign, call her at 314-799-7965 or email whitney@nestedspaces.com. Visit the website here.



Getting to know Whitney…

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